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11/365 - the upside down umbrella

When it rains, it pours. Nothing weeps off and cascades, it collects until it bubbles over. There is a small leak where the canvas meet the tip that only the most concentrated and determined droplets secrete and escape. 79 more words


Music can be helpful!

Everyone who loves music knows it can change your mood, calm you down, pump your energy levels up and bring back memories. Music can cause changes to our emotions and decision making,  23 more words


Programming the Brain

Carver Mead developed a concept known as Neuromorphic Computing in the late 1980’s which uses V.L.S.I. systems containing electronic analog circuits to mimic neuro-biological architectures present in the nervous system. 626 more words

Real Life Based

Being Polite/Being Happy

Life here is quite different from that at home. And I’m not just talking about landscape or language. I mean, the people here are very different from where I’m from. 620 more words


Project Adam seeks to visually recognize any object

Microsoft’s Project Adam is now arguably the leader in Image Recognition technology. Where other big names – Google, Apple, Facebook – have fallen short, Adam is surpassing our expectations. 298 more words

Train Conductors Have No Common Courtesy These Days

Dreams are the weirdest things in my opinion. They’re also terrifying and too realistic for their own good.

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Where is Co-Active in the Brain?

Hi everyone, today’s post is an exploration of Co-Active, the heart of the Coaches Training Institute’s (CTI) coach training and leadership model. Hoping all coaches will find this interesting and helpful! 1,348 more words