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Writing 101: Day Seven

* During his Q&A at VidCon 2014 Chris Hardwick (creator of Nerdist and host of @midnight) said something to the effect of “Your brain only wants to do what feels good right now. 375 more words

Just Say Yes: Legalize Psychedelics

I’m a shameless millennial. It’s in my nature to publicly document experiences that are significant to me. Unfortunately, this makes me prone to conflict. A prominent trans activist messaged me: 1,024 more words



Mr. Dumbell’s arms are still duct taped on to his shoulders. I don’t know if they’ve reattached yet or not, but he probably doesn’t want to take any chances. 157 more words

Albert Zombie

I Know I've Forgotten Something!

MOMENTS of forgetfulness are among those small blows to self-esteem that can lead people to worry about declining intelligence or impending dementia. Do you have those moments of dreadful realisation that you have forgotten an important appointment, or are reminded by the pungent smell of burning you put the potatoes on to cook two hours ago. 791 more words

Memory Matters!


Now you know.

If you read my previous post, you’ll understand that the time you surprised me at a public event and I didn’t respond right away, I wasn’t being impolite.   481 more words

Team Garnet

How Playing An Instrument Benefits Your Brain

When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. Researchers also found that playing an instrument is the equivalent of putting your brain on a full brain workout, strengthening neural connections and making you better at pretty much everything.


Learn from it.

I mentioned in my first post that I have studied the brain throughout my years in high school. This is going to be my last post, so I decided to wrap-up my AP Psychology blog by going into a little more depth than simply saying that I have studied the brain. 442 more words