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Lessons from Chess

As I watched
they were arguingĀ about the vinyl siding on their dream home
and whether her canary yellow was better
or his forest green. 33 more words



My brain isn’t prepared to cooperate with my body tonight. I’m exhausted, but someone has set my brain onto overdrive, and now it’s scanning everything at a pace that I can’t keep up with. 67 more words

Leaving Footprints In My Heart

today has been brought to you by

today has been brought to you by thick WILL, determination and a LOT of medication.

BAD night sleep

BAD headache

feeling of PRESSURE at back of my head… 21 more words

Me And My Defects

beating my brain

It is five months since we had to find a new home for Binki terrier, and although Niall terrier is happy to be number one dog and not get ambushed and filled in by her on a daily basis, and the sheep in the surrounding fields are a lot safer, and Binki terrier is a lot safer away from the angry farmer, I still miss her. 921 more words


Weight-loss surgery can boost brain power and 'cut the risk of developing Alzheimer's'

Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil found bariatric surgery have a positive influence on brain activity, linked to planning, strategy and organisation. 9 more words

Over The Counter Alternatives

To live a day without thought

What would it be like to not have any thought for a single day?

Can anybody really imagine what it could be like for us, if we were able to go through one day without having to think about anything at all? 124 more words