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One Little Bag

It’s so strange how our minds choose to ignore the truth simply because we know how much it hurts. I did that for a really long time, and I’ve never regretted something so much. 752 more words

Book Review: On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins

To paraphrase Robert Pirsig, most books add to our store of knowledge, but once in a while there comes a book that does not add much to our existing store of knowledge, but imposes a new structure on what we already know. 340 more words

51 days from now

I graduate June 11, 2014. As in 51 days from now, even less school days, and even less regular school days. That means that exactly 51 days from now, I will be a High School graduate and go off into the real world. 205 more words


Hit Me Over The Head

 Jason Padgett, 31, college drop-out from Tacoma, WA, drove red Camaro, partied his heart out, was otherwise “normal” and, before September 13, 2002, looked like this: 476 more words


How chemicals act in the brain

A brief explanation of how drugs may reach the brain and how they act in this organ has been included in this post. . The information has been obtained from the book “Illegal drugs” P. Gahlinger, Chapter six, Plume 2004.

General Principles