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Re: Apollo Robbins: The art of misdirection

I feel cheated. Nothing a know is real. That guy had an actual shrimp in his pocket. This was really entertaining to watch; watching it caused me to wonder about how much I miss everyday. 103 more words

Ted Talks

Your mind is the instrument

I’ld like to share some “philosophies” on how I view ear training and shift the way ear training is thought about.

For a lot of people I know, ear training is being perceived as something which is just mandatory and something you have to struggle through in college to pass the year. 716 more words


How playing an instrument benefits your brain?

Here is an interesting video I found on the internet about how the music affects our brain and how playing an instrument benefits your brain:

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Our Brain At Work

    Visualization. A picture in our mind’s eye. It can be the key that opens the door. Draw a blue print in our mind’s eye, describe how we want something to turn out.  269 more words

Random Thoughts

Home and Identity

Hey earthlings! Eid mubarak to everyone celebrating! <3

Today I wanted to share a video where my friends little brother discusses identity and what it means to be a citizen of the world: 308 more words

Quick Thought #1 : Control things with your mind?

I was thinking about how it could possible to do actions by just thinking about it.

I mean when I enjoy those superhero/sci-fi comics or movies or TV shows or games, I feel like I would always encounter at least one character that can seemingly control technology with his mind like how Ironman could control his suit, from his repulsor rays to his jetpack capabilities. 298 more words


Trust your Gut.

Did you know you have two brains? One you already know of, the one in your head. There is also the one residing in your belly – your gut/GI-tract, also named the “second brain”. 938 more words