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How does stimulating experiences helps brain building in young children

Your child is born with more than enough brain cells so to be highly successful.More than 100 billion! It’s not the number of brain cells that determines usable intelligence,it’s the number of connections that are made between those brain cells. 56 more words


The Queen of Sugarland is Born

The anxiety is now familiar. But it felt odd… not natural. It got more intense and my body did not feel very good. In these instances, I try to make the best of it and not let anxiety ruin the trip. 396 more words


Brain on Display

Deadlines! You guys, my deadlines are murdering me right now. I am working on a lot of really great things! That I can’t talk about yet! 154 more words


Don't Blame My Heart

People always say “follow your heart”. That’s ridiculous. The heart doesn’t have thoughts, feelings, intuition…it’s just pumping blood through our bodies. So stop it. Actually think about something first, then do it. 12 more words

Random Thoughts

Yes - our brains can make decisions while we're sleeping

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article by SCIENCEALERT STAFF (19 September 2014) >

“Your brain doesn’t shut down when you go to sleep, in fact, a recent study has shown that it remains quietly active, and can process information to help you make decisions, just like when you’re awake. 748 more words

Brain / Мозък

Battling #Epilepsy

She once was described by our neighbor ‘Ugly just like a monster. She’s what would happen if the devil married the wicked witch’. But why? 941 more words