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What is the most important skill you learn at school? Is it the social skills: taking turns, sharing and asking questions? Or perhaps numeric skills: how to add and subtract and discovering more complicated solutions to math problems?

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The Plastic Brain

Just a few decades ago, using the word “neuroplasticity” could get a brain scientist into trouble.

The concept ran counter to the dominant belief that the adult brain was “hard wired,” and that major change did not and could not occur. 763 more words

Are There Natural Remedies for Cognitive Aging?

by Wray Herbert

More than 30 countries now have a life expectancy of 80 or more, a dramatic increase over the last half century. This is good news, but it also brings challenges. 519 more words


The Mental Universe

by Linda George

“The universe is indeed an enchantment placed upon us by the World-Mind. We are all enclosed within the scene set up by it but the scene itself is a thought-created one, the power which makes us feel its reality is a mental one and even the senses so bewitched are forms of consciousness. 518 more words


Entangled Brain


I definitely cannot organized my thoughts. They scrambled and entangled on each other. Even now I can’t get my sentences straight.

Lots of changes happened in my life. 83 more words

Are YOU addicted to the internet? Study finds 6% of people around the world - that's a staggering 182 million - now struggle to stay offline

The highest incidents of web addiction were found in the Middle East, at 10.9%. The lowest prevalence was reports in North and West Europe on 2.6 per cent. 700 more words