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Who Is In Control?

Our brain is such a complex and mysterious organ that might seem to be unreachable and ambiguous. We think that it is the one that controls us, but the surprising news is that we do. 896 more words


Braaaaaaain Cake.

As the snow starts to fly and holiday lights start to twinkle, I thought I would share a special cake with all of you.  It’s a braaaaaaaain! 124 more words


Do we have a blood test for detecting concussion severity?

Blind side hit and now I feel as though I am wading through a thick fog. I can’t concentrate and even the sound of my breathing hurts my head. 628 more words


I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot-Psychologist Overlords

Technology that can identify what you’re feeling seems like the stuff or science fiction. Human emotion in incredibly complex, so complex there is still no one solid definition of what emotion is. 215 more words

What It's All About

Along with my daily ramble I hope to find other inspirational pieces that illustrate the collision of mental health and biking. I think this video speaks for itself. 16 more words


Sharp as a Tack: Ways to Enhance your Memory

                        Have you ever experienced going to another room and forget why you’re there? Have you ever forgotten a friend’s birthday or forgot to feed your pets? 475 more words

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