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Suggested by Wyndi, Brain Pickings is a blog by Maria Popova who believes that “creativity is a combinational force.”

When working remotely, we are forced to make connections in isolation, and this site can help us “cross-polinate ideas from a wealth of disciplines, to combine and recombine these pieces and build new ideas.” 41 more words

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The Relationship Between Creativity and Mental Illness

Another interesting brain picking:


‘Many personality characteristics of creative people … make them more vulnerable, including openness to new experiences, a tolerance for ambiguity, and an approach to life and the world that is relatively free of preconceptions. 203 more words


thinking about the Erisians today, and about the subconscious (Jung and all that). but also about constructedness, fact, and objectivity.


Difficult writing?

Here’s Will Buckingham on writing and difficulty. Worth a read! I don’t know how to embed the blog into my post, so here’s the link. 211 more words


Leonard Cohen on creative work and meaningful songs

Cohen approaches his work with extraordinary doggedness reflecting the notion that work ethic supersedes what we call “inspiration” — something articulated by such acclaimed and diverse creators as the celebrated composer Tchaikovsky (

277 more words

The Best Illustrations from 150 Years of Alice in Wonderland

by Maria Popova

Down the rabbit hole in enchanting reimaginings.

On July 4, 1862, English mathematician and logician Charles Dodgson boarded a small boat with a few friends. 1,788 more words

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Tipsday: Writerly Goodness found on the interwebz, June 29-July 5, 2014

Heading off to yoga shortly, so getting this week’s offerings up all hasty like.

Despite the title, K.M. Weiland offers writers some comfort: Why every story you write is a guaranteed failure… 170 more words

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