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24 Things Only Really Crazy People Believe In

Found on r/AskReddit.

1. Brain power

“You use only x% of your brain!”

2. Entrapment

If you ask a cop if they’re a cop, and they say no, they can’t arrest you for anything after that, or it would be entrapment.

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Summer Learning Goals

Erm…ok. So…how to explain. Apparently, Google isn’t going to help me search for ways to keep my brain from turning to mush during the summer. Because literally ALL I could find were articles complaining about it, and things like camps.I need something that I can do in my own time, without paying hundreds of dollars! 318 more words


Want that 'Get Up & Go' feeling?

Stretch! According to research from Stanford University, just one minute of stretching can stimulate your brain’s alertness center, and increase your energy and brainpower by 45% for an hour! 12 more words

Connie Sellecca

5 motive pentru care ar fi bine să alegi ciocolata neagră în locul celei cu lapte

Numeroase studii au scos la iveală beneficiile pe care le aduce ciocolata neagră de calitate, datorită conţinutul său bogat în cacao (peste 70%). De asemenea, aceste sortimente de ciocolată conţin puţine ingrediente, în general unt de cacao, pudră de cacao, lecitină de soia, zahăr nerafinat şi extract de vanilie. 295 more words

Is green tea extract the key to unlocking a better memory?

A study published in the latest edition of Psychopharmacology has taken the first steps to confirm the clinical benefits of green tea extract on brainpower – in particular, memory function. Victoria Pearson reports.

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