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The Halloween Saga of Betty Brains

It’s Halloween, so we’ve resurrected “Betty Brains” . . .

She started her life as an elegant hat model in an upscale Dallas department store. Her long, swan-like neck and regal bearing were her best features. 234 more words


We Know It All

We all have suspicions of our own. We may think it’s the truth or it’s false. Though, nothing can be compared to a woman’s knowledge. It’s like a super power that only women have. 243 more words


Look no further than these pastel pretties for the softer side of exposed organs this Halloween.

Nail Art

Learning How To Learn

I was reading a book this morning about learning, and I saw some wonderful tip about learning that are very good and powerful. I would like to share with you and probably add just one thing I know about learning that I think should not be discounted. 465 more words


What your brain wants is what your brain needs

We wake up and we start our day feeling like we never slept. We’ve all been there before. None of us get the sleep we really need. 179 more words


Sofia Ashraf on The Self

One of the annual stars of Justice Rocks, Sofia Ashraf, tells her brief story of shedding expectations and shackles, and embracing her heart in her brain. 230 more words


Dreams Man

Why do our brains like to fuck with us?

I had a dream I was pregnant?? And I’m a dude.

Woke up very relieved, I just needed to pee. Hurrr.

Bird Lyfe