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brain science roundup, vol. II

1. An old idea in evolutionary psychology is that symmetrical faces are more attractive. Why? The chain of logic is: symmetry indicates good health, good health indicates “good” genes, and “good” genes are desirable in partners. 804 more words


Women Still Dumber Than Men in Important Ways

This post discusses an article, recently published in LiveScience.com, titled Brain Gains: Women Getting Smarter Faster Than Men by Tia Ghose. That article, by itself, is not of great importance. 2,094 more words

I Took The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS!


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Recently, many of us have seen videos on social media showing people taking the “Ice Bucket Challenge”.  This campaign is intended to raise awareness and money for the fight against ALS.   369 more words


Protecting Aging Brains

Nestlé Purina says its scientists have come up with a nutritional supplement that can delay the deterioration of pets’ brain functions. More


The Oxford Dictionary

Unicorn (noun: unicorn; plural noun: unicorns):
A man who has a big brain as well as big muscles.

That’s how it goes? Right?

When did the ability to pump weights at the gym become more important than being intelligent? 99 more words



I had music today and because Pehlma still has a reed in her lip and glares at me when I pass her in the hallway, I decided to skip. 330 more words

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