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Six Word Saturday

when brain doesn’t work, use hands

Eight weeks ago, at the end of September, my brain decided to go on strike. Since then, my world has been unstable. 653 more words


Today In NOPE: This Guy Had A Tapeworm Crawling Around In His Brain

It’s one of the classic horror stories: An insect crawls into your head through your ear, and slowly eats its way across. When it leaves, you find out it laid eggs. 282 more words


Moore's Law coming to an end? Wozniak said so in Raleigh last week

One after another, pundits are predicting that 20 or 25 years from now computers will be able to do virtually everything we can. No need for us. 179 more words

Living with Chronic Pain Changes Your Brain

People who suffer chronic pain have constant brain activity in areas of the brain that would normally be at rest, according to a new study at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

451 more words
Chronic Pain

Why doesn't God show Himself?

In the course of atheist blogging, this idea keeps coming up that suggests “if God wants me to follow Him, He’ll prove Himself to me.” First of all, the evidence of God’s existence is all around us. 571 more words

The Cognitive-Emotional Brain

The idea that a specific brain circuit constitutes the emotional brain and its corollary, that cognition resides elsewhere, has shaped thinking about emotion and the… 285 more words