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Back to The Books

Hey beauts! It’s been a while since I have posted but I promise it was all for a good reason. As the beginning of the new year rolls in, another semester for college students comes along as well. 312 more words


She wants a guy who stimulates her mind, someone who intellectually gives her a challange and feeds her knowledge.


Life Is What You Make It♥

.013 Seconds ~ A Brain Test

Scientists recently discovered that the human brain can fully process an image that has been seen for just .013 seconds.

I don’t know how long .013 seconds is, except that it’s probably the fastest thing my brain can do. 267 more words


Are you chemically challenged?

Ask that question to apparently folks in Silicon Valley and it’s pertinent.  Check this out:


Smart Drugs in Silicon Valley!  But if you think about it, everyone in the world in some way shape or form, do this.  372 more words


It´s true! Jazz is like talking!

“Brain scans of jazz musicians unveil language and music similarities.”


Look what I found in medical news today. If you check out the article there are some very pretty pictures of what happens in musicians´ brains when they´re trading fours. 15 more words


How to be smart

How to be smart is very tricky. First you must actually study and do your homework. ( Which is very boring) Once you study and do homework you will actually turn smart!

our brains are amazing

Dear Friend,

I found this article about the science of forgiveness fascinating. It explains why we can get overwhelmed with negative thoughts, and how we can lay pathways for happier feelings. 82 more words