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Lines and spheres

What code goes into the question mark?


A prime maze

Mazes are very old and very diverse. I hope to write about mazes in eneral another time, but here is one variation.

Go from 1 the upper left corner to the bottom right corner with the following rules: 169 more words


Poetry test: Bot or Not?

Take the poetry test

Do you think you can tell the difference if a poem is written by a human or a robot? I just learned about this website in the… 26 more words


Color grid (1)

What number goes into the cell with the question mark?

1) Color grid*

You can check your solution at here

Please try to solve the puzzles on your own: your self confidence will grow. 99 more words


Glasses of water and wine

At atheneum (high school), my mathematics teacher was drs. Hofman. One day in class he posed us the following problem:

I have a glass of wine and a glass of water. 301 more words