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The Wait Is Over

It was a busy and a crowded marketplace, with barely any area to move. It seemed that the entire town had decided to shop that day. 436 more words

Short Story

What am I?

Last night, a friend of mine challenged me to write something unique. I’ve given it some thought and I’ve decided to write about a very unusual topic. 817 more words

The masses are asses and I am one of them

We are vaguely aware that we are brainwashed by advertisements. Madison Avenue spends a lot of money to brainwash us and having worked in advertising, trust me-they get all that money back and a whole lot more. 424 more words

News: Fresh BS

So are you famous yet!?

Hahaha…. -_-  surprisingly enough, you can’t just move to LA, say “I want to be an actor!” and then POOF! You’re a movie star!! Now wouldn’t that just be dandy.  811 more words



Have you ever felt like if you tell yourself something enough times, it will become true? Like you could literally brainwash yourself, to the point that all feelings and thoughts connected to a certain thing or person would be washed away? 233 more words