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Pop Music Promoting Negative Messages

Listening to the radio the other day, I felt really disgusted by the songs that are considered Pop music hits. In one trip from my house to Barnes and Noble, I managed to listen to three horrible and defiling songs that promote dependency, insecurity, and disobedience. 509 more words

Delightfully Deliciously Decadent, That Is Mistress Marisa

Forget about cheaters, the Super Bowl & suckers’ bets. It is time to surrender to pleasure, surrender to your desires & submit to a TRUE GODDESS, MISTRESS MARISA!  51 more words

Mistress Marisa

The duality of "Spiritual dog training."

Puppy dog training is the type of “spiritual teaching” that most humans are used to.

“Bernie, don’t do that. Bad dog!”
Bernie likes to smell the neighbor’s garbage cans and to “indulge” in its contents. 439 more words


17/365 #365HaikuChallenge

Customer from Earth-
Seventy two virgins cheer
A faint ticking sound.


I'd take the red pill

This weekend, I watched a National Geographic educational program that took a peek inside North Korea. As an American, I don’t even think I’m really allowed in that country, even if I wanted to go. 2,169 more words

The Best Case Scenario - Finding a REAL Person.

A few years back I was more of a “conspiracy theorist” which is to say, I didn’t exactly believe or disbelieve any of the stories I’ve come across but did find them more interesting than talking about the weather with co-workers.   1,417 more words




can you truly trust

my thoughts are private


only · brainwash · yourself

lather · rinse · repeat