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Brain Wash

Name: Brain Wash

Powers: Gain control of an opponent’s monster for one turn

Attack Points: ?

Defense Points: 0

Card Type: Combination

Creator: Henry


This is the face of brilliant University of Michigan professor and author - Susan J. Douglas - who told her students that "it’s actually okay to hate Republicans"...because the science supports it!

Hot Air: If you happen to be a young Republican or conservative of any stripe who is attending the University of Michigan, rest assured that you will receive the same respect and fair treatment as anyone else. 196 more words


Mistress Marisa Is So Very Hypnotic

Mistress Marisa’s Hypnotic Power is 2nd to None! Her voice is so very clear & seductive & irresistible! you will fall, you must fall deep into a very relaxing trance! 10 more words

Deep Pleasurable Trance

Good and bad... light VS dark.... what is going on in this crazy time?

Good and bad… light VS dark…. what is going on in this crazy time?

by Katharina Bless

Lately I have been asked and also challenged several times about the internet, FB, privacy ~ transparency etc. 1,621 more words

Unveiling Truth Posts

Mistress Marisa Is UnDeniable

Whatever Mistress Marisa wants She gets! i can deny Her nothing, i must give Her everything She desires! i pray that She desires something that i can provide! 39 more words

Deep Pleasurable Trance


Humans are under a manipulative regime, that brainwashes minds and restricts free expression. Things like the media, society, parents, and the government all contribute to this. 62 more words


The Illuminati Game

I’ve been playing computer games since the 80’s. In the beginning, it was all about fun, storytelling and entertainment. Through the golden era of the late nineties to the mid 00’s we saw the beginnings of some great game series’ that I’ve been following since their simple beginnings. 2,189 more words