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Resign from a system that no longer serves you

That feeling of pure bliss coming in when you decide to resign from a system that no longer serves you – be true to yourself don`t betray your own Soul. 58 more words

Love is...

I, as many folks do, tend to waiver between extreme self-care and love and total neglect of my self-actualization needs. After ending a really long and arduous “relationship” with a man for whom I cared deeply, I was left in this bizarre state of confusion about who and what I was. 983 more words

WARNING: Reading This Magazine May Be Dangerous To SOMEONE ELSE’S HEATH

I propose that this label be placed on almost every magazine you might find at your doctor’s office.

Here I was today, waiting to be seen, and, although I should have known better, I picked up a copy of… 392 more words


Pro-fracking Tory MP rejects drilling in his own backyard

A senior Tory MP who has previously voiced strong support for fracking has said he is “very unlikely” to back an application to drill on land in his own constituency. 85 more words


Conduct Unbecoming - Excerpt Chapter Seven

Not everyone is a fan of Teague McMurtry. In fact, some people thoroughly detest him. One such is Major Victor Quartermain. Once a rival for Isobel’s hand, Teague maintains that the better man was the one who gave her up—himself. 845 more words

Dellani Oakes

In Her Own Words - Liz Tynon

Elizabeth Tynon is the confidential aid to Teague’s former CO. She’s here to talk about Conduct Unbecoming.

What is your name?

Elizabeth Tynon, also known as the Ice Princess. 169 more words

Dellani Oakes