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State of Dreaming

this isn’t real.
my soul knows it
my heart feels it
but it’s intoxicating
to the mind
to the senses
to the greed
and desires in all of us… 122 more words



ISIS is recruiting and training child soldiers it proudly calls “Cubs of the Islamic State” [1].

The recruitment and use of children as soldiers is a war crime, though not without precedent. 373 more words

Sexual Abuse

Honors 11: 1984 2.7-10

We first took a quiz on 2.7-10 of 1984 and our discussion leaders took over afterwards for 2.7-10. First hour had a creative project for our discussion regarding the creation of a book cover. 69 more words

Honors 11

The Tyranny of Positive Thinking

Smile or Die
Barbara Ehrenreich
RSA Animate (2010)

Film Review

Smile or Die is a clever animation of a Barbara Ehrenreich talk on the ruthless cruelty of “positive thinking” in an era of economic misery. 71 more words

Things That Aren't What They Seem

Why African 'traditionalists' should be the loudest supporters of feminism (including #mydressmychoice)

If you listen to discussions in the public space for and against all the the poor women who have been stripped, humiliated and molested in Kenya’s public spaces, you will see a strong and predictable thread that blames ‘modernization’ for society’s ills. 1,391 more words



Skinny. Thigh Gap. Perfect Bone Structure. These are among the hundreds of things young girls hear today about how to be beautiful. As girls we are constantly told we aren’t pretty enough and that’s why we aren’t in a relationship etc. 368 more words