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It's not a lie if you believe it

11 Tactics Used by the Mainstream Media to Manufacture Consent for the Oligarchy

Reprinted from Humans are free

The mainstream media is aging and collapsing under the weight of its own hubris and arrogance.Now entirely formulaic in presentation and predictable in substance, the ‘major’ outlets of news, which are monopolized under only a small handful of corporations, serve the purpose of misleading the public on important issues and manufacturing consent for government and the oligarchs.The public is still largely numb to this reality, and in a wicked catch-22 for modern man, many people are still addicted to the very media that serves as the primary weapon of social control against them. 1,764 more words


Terrorism and the Evolution of Deception



Kevin Ryan  12/6/14

Politicians and pundits often use terrorism to promote the interests of their financiers. This fear mongering goes hand in hand with attempts at war profiteering, population control, and the concentration of political power. 1,225 more words

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The Pivotal Period


This blog is the true story of my life. It goes in chronological order beginning with Chapter 1 entitled The Autoblography of a Defiant Middle Child. 2,370 more words


Ultrasound Brainwashing and Torture Tactics: Accessing the outer skull and muscle systems

Likened to Chinese Water Torture, this type of tactic may take a long time to have a detrimental effect on the mind.  Rather than the types of tortures which remove skin, sear, or cause other types of blatent pain, this type of torture tactic appears designed to affect through repetitive, long term invasions to the head.  3,680 more words

Assault Patterns

Why do we call certain emotions bad and others good?

When we experience some inner sensation that we call emotion we often attempt to explain it. We forget that this explanation is something that comes after the fact and is just a theory, something that is not necessarily true, concerning the causes of our emotions. 206 more words



Reality to Nightmare to Comedy and back again.

They’re deliberately blurring the lines of everything we see and believe, until none of us is sure anymore. 35 more words


Are You in Denial? - by Codependency for Dummies.

If you’re in denial about somebody’s behavior, you won’t know it. In fact, most people will deny they’re in denial!

Try to be honest and write a paragraph about each of the following questions? 394 more words