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The Social Propaganda of Feel-Good Stories

Social propaganda comes in many different forms, and one of the most insidiously malignant is the so-called “feel-good story”. What is a feel-good story? Defined within Forbidden Truth parameters: … 891 more words


Toxic Thinking Brainwashing

Usually associated with espionage, advertising, sale pitches, even campaigning politicians. Mind control— brainwashing undermines your sense of control over your thinking, behavior, emotions or decision-making. 454 more words


Honors 11: "Brainwashing" and "We are the Dead"

Due to absences, we put off going over the 2nd impromptu for now. We worked in groups to complete this dialogic journal, and we then shared out as a class. 43 more words

Honors 11

Honors 11: 1984 Impromptu #2

We took our second impromptu for the unit first thing this morning. It was 1984-based. Afterwards, I asked you to get started explicating David Bowie… 70 more words

Honors 11

State of Dreaming

this isn’t real.
my soul knows it
my heart feels it
but it’s intoxicating
to the mind
to the senses
to the greed
and desires in all of us… 122 more words



ISIS is recruiting and training child soldiers it proudly calls “Cubs of the Islamic State” [1].

The recruitment and use of children as soldiers is a war crime, though not without precedent. 373 more words

Sexual Abuse

Honors 11: 1984 2.7-10

We first took a quiz on 2.7-10 of 1984 and our discussion leaders took over afterwards for 2.7-10. First hour had a creative project for our discussion regarding the creation of a book cover. 69 more words

Honors 11