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Ahimsa again

We get free cinema tickets each week, yet it’s increasingly difficult to find anything to see.

It seems all films revolve around violence. Apparently there isn’t enough of a story unless there is violence involved, and it certainly won’t hold an audience’s attention without there is some sort of tension, threat or fear factor. 718 more words


We are illustrating to you by the example of the recent quirk-trip to Germany of CM Bill Resides, USA, what could be the potential process of the brainwashing program of the… 1,488 more words

Democracy: Ultimate Freedom Illusion

How can you fight to obtain something, when you have been successfully brainwashed into believing that you already possess it? How can you destroy your greatest enemy when it has successfully brainwashed you into believing it is your friend, your ally, your protector and defender? 562 more words


In Her Own Words - Aileen Griffen

Aileen is an old Army buddy of Teague’s. She was also one of his lovers. They broke up under difficult circumstances but still hold a mutual respect for one another. 372 more words

Dellani Oakes

Assassin's Creed exposed by Apolomedia's Carl Kerby Jr.

Interviewed by T.A. McMahon of The Berean Call about video games, Carl Kerby Jr. stated:

“But Assassin’s Creed , the whole storyline is based off of a weapon called the ‘Piece of Eden,’ and you see, what this Piece of Eden does is it blinds people to make them blindly follow you, and everything you say; they’ll just follow you. 197 more words

Conspiracy theories: A government conspiracy

The universal matrix of deception and illusion that humans have chosen to create and dwell within, cannot be accurately perceived, deciphered, and understood by any individual who functions within the matrix itself. 1,011 more words