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When I was a child, the president of Argentina was J.D. Perón. If people wanted to have any kind of rights like a job or not being illegally fired or persecuted, they had to be members of his political party called… 188 more words

(free) Sci-Fi Novel Serialization: Free Radicals -- Chapter 14

We’re serializing Zeke Teflon’s entire science fiction novel,  Free Radicals: A Novel of Utopia and Dystopia, in daily installments.  We posted Chapter 1 on August 17.   1,983 more words


Brainwashing: No Bliss for Farm Animals

Cognitive dissonance: “The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feeling of discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs. When there is a discrepancy between beliefs and behaviors, something must change in order to eliminate or reduce the dissonance” (Source: … 132 more words

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Scenes of Today

hits harder
each passing frame.
frayed edge
of humanity?
just a ripple
on my mind.
destruction; discord;
nipple entwined by
the tip of my tongue - 67 more words


Reflections on Illich 11: Schools are ancient and modern, and perpetuate childhood

Illich, I. (1970). Deschooling Society. Cuernavaca, Mexico: CIDOC.  Downloadable from: http://www.preservenet.com/theory/Illich/Deschooling/intro.html

p. 28  “The school system is a modern phenomenon, as is the childhood it produces.” 669 more words

Ivan Illich

Danka Chasin Waterfalls...

After a long and extreme stint in the Southern Americas the team here at TYFO has parted ways. Need not worry ye fellow journeyman. “Parted Ways” means we are all still doing awesome stuff, just in different parts of the world…even if it does sound like the the new hit single from Alicia Keys, or another famous artist that has never written a single track. 1,096 more words

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