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Understanding - The Key to Human Awareness

This is the sign of the decay of human awareness over thousands of years.

For anyone who could properly interpret this sign, and I think it may have taken a few years, it should be fairly clear, but this symbol is a sign of control and also reflects what it does to a human mind, where the problem lies and how to stop it too. 511 more words


Becoming a 2 Again

As we progress through our first few years, the basis for our physiological needs are met by our parents, and there is nothing to worry about. 352 more words


Harmful Practices

When in the course of food fights over atheism human events, this idea of mitigating harm has come to light. Some people oppose Christianity because of the harmful practices they believe faith endorses or motivates people to engage in. 682 more words

If You Own or are Holding a Gun...You Are Already Dead

If you own or are holding a gun, you have been brain-washed. You are so fearful of dying, that you have assumed you will eventually have to kill. 389 more words


The Conditional Love of the Egoist

If I asked you what your perfect love would be like, you would start a long-winded description of his/her looks. If I asked you to continue, you’d move onto his/her possessions and finances. 142 more words



My ex-boss recently said to me, “How are you finding your new found liberty after quitting your job?”

I answered “I found my liberty when I noticed that I could… 134 more words


Mope, or not to mope

What the f**k. It’s been years since I watched some TV. So many lies, so many liars. I know it’s normal to watch TV for others, but to me it’s something I stopped doing when I moved out of my parents house. 59 more words