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Braised Beef with Beetroot and Red Wine Quo Vardis Style

This is my first wintery dish that I want to share this year.  Where has autumn suddenly disappeared to??

I recently went to Quo Vardis… 790 more words


Chicken Cutlets With Braised Purple Cabbage

Cooked cabbage was never a favorite of mine. But I’ve come to enjoy it, especially in a braised preparation. This is a fairly easy dinner, packed with delicious fall flavor and better yet, it’s oh so pretty to look at! 303 more words

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Today Words are Part two of Braised;

Cooking; These meats are always browned before you simmer them The General Rule is smaller cuts are floured before you brown your larger cuts are not When you flour it seals the meat will promote even browning and adds a nice body to your sauce that accompanies your meat whether you flour your meat or you don’t your meat is browned in fat. 455 more words

Braised Lamb Shank "Kapsa" on Bomba Rice

Lamb Shank Kapsa

Recipe: Lamb Kapsa
Sub: Lamb Kapsa Spice Mix
Shelf Life: 30 Days air tight

1 TEA Cumin Seed… 488 more words

Black Lime

大鼎豬血湯 is known for it’s pork blood soup, but the rice...

大鼎豬血湯 is known for it’s pork blood soup, but the rice noodles,  pork jowls, and the braised intestines and pork knuckle over rice are equally heavenly!

Beef Braised with Tomatoes

When the days shorten and nights lengthen, my attention turns to braises.  Deeply flavored and nutritionally dense, tomatoes and beef are a happy combination in this easy to make dish. 291 more words

Braised Lamb Provençal

With my new job and new-ish kitchen, it’s been much harder to get a lot of weeknight cooking done. But this past weekend I made it up to the mountains, where cooking is pretty much the only thing to do. 417 more words