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Know Your Onions – Onions Braised in Wine and Balsamic Vinegar

What a funny expression that is. I struggled to find a decent explanation for it, although we use the expression to mean “knowing a lot about a subject”. 487 more words


BBQ Spareribs Summer is coming are you ready?

This weekend I was looking over my blog post and I realized that lately all I have been posting is baking recipes. This has not been intentional and to tell the truth it is born out of laziness. 575 more words


Persian Braised Eggplant with Prunes

A rich vegetarian dish which will excite your taste buds and fill your belly to the brim.

Ingredients for two people 263 more words


Red Wine Braised Shortribs

There is nothing like rainy days to bring out the urge to fire on the oven. There is something very comforting about filling your home with the aromas of slow-cooked goodness while you sit back read a book and enjoy a glass of wine. 767 more words


Braised Pork Rillons, Black Pudding - Auction Rooms Cafe AUD14.50, AUD3.50

braised pork belly rillons, house made baked beans, onion marmalade & toast
The braised pork belly rillons was better than the Braised Pork Belly we had last time! 20 more words


Strawberry Lemonade/Spring


(Sorry, but I had to yell that at you. HAD TO.)

Today we have a deliciously grownup Strawberry Lemonade from Janessa, perfect for the impending bucket-loads of strawberries that will be hitting the markets. 275 more words


Cá Kho Tộ {Vietnamese Clay Pot Braised Catfish}

Growing up, our daily family dinners typically consisted of rice (cơm) served with a stir-fried dish (món xào), a soup dish ( 579 more words