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Anti-lock braking system

Let me give u a brief introduction about abs and then about its functioning , operation and parts of abs .

Anti-lock braking system from its name it tells us that it is something which prevents the brakes from lock ups . 169 more words

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Regenerative braking system

 Regenerative Braking System is the way of slowing vehicle by using the motors as brakes.  Instead of the surplus energy of the vehicle being wasted as unwanted heat, the motors act as generators and convert it to electricity which in terms helps to power the Hybrid  vehicle . 165 more words

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ABS system.

So my ABS system is bust and will never be able to be repaired due to the fact that Honda have stopped producing the ABS motor and the long standing dealer for the car Honda Artarmon could not get stock of the ABS motor anymore, which is the component that needed replacing. 111 more words


BRAKES: Upgrading the binders on my 2013 Audi Allroad

After my recent track day at Nelson Ledges it become quite apparent that my 2-ton Audi was going to need some better brakes.  In this installment of my blog I talk more about my car and explain the decisions made on upgrading the brake components on my 2013 Audi Allroad. 1,259 more words


Regulators Investigate Emergency Braking System in Chevrolet Impala

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched an investigation of the 2014 Chevrolet Impala after a report from a motorist that the vehicle s emergency braking system was activated several times with no warning.In one incident, the driver reported that the vehicle was moving at 40 mph with no other vehicles in front of it when the brakes suddenly activated, causing the car to be struck by the vehicle behind it. 28 more words


I support light, efficient vehicles.  They’re the smart choice: efficient in terms of dollars, as well as all the other factors that aren’t counted in dollars, but externalized: … 240 more words


Driving Safety Tip: Hydroplaning

Losing control of your car due to hydroplaning during heavy rain is a frightening experience. This happens when the water in front of your tires builds up faster than your car’s weight can push it out of the way. 98 more words