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Utter Darkness and the Return

A rather dark period, but not an unhappy one.  You know what it’s like, certainly–those strange moments of tumult which you must pass through and, in the midst of them, forget that you know there is an end. 612 more words

Gods And Mortals

Bran the Blessed

A son of Llyr, the British god Bran is known for two things. The first is that he owned a cauldron that could resuscite any dead animal. 486 more words


Meera Reed

Meera Reed is the older sister of Jojen Reed. She is intensely protective of her younger brother, and like him, is intent on helping Bran on his journey north to find Jon Snow.


Jojen Reed

Jojen Reed is a young boy who possesses the ability of greensight, the power of prophetic visions. At a younge age, Jojen almost died from sickness; it was at this time that Jojen had a dream of a three-eyed crow that granted him the power of greensight. 65 more words


April 16, 1914

I got a load of bran at Magnolia in A.M.  Hauled 2 loads of straw in P.M.

Bran is the outer casing, or husks, of oats (oat bran).  54 more words

Alice’s Missionary Cereal

I got this recipe from my college friend Don Lindell’s mother. She made this cereal from ingredients she could easily find on mission trips to eastern Europe in the 1980’s. 69 more words


Game Of Thrones Recap: The "Kingslayer"

Warning: This recap contains spoilers of Game of Thrones season 4 episode 2.

What is the main theme of Game of Thrones? With so many story lines and plot twists, Thrones can sometimes be hard to understand and put in perspective. 859 more words

Season 4