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I Miss Game Of Thrones.

 Like most of the population of the entire world, I have been Sucked into the world of Ice and Fire. I am now stuck in the horrible ditch that is the wait between series. 173 more words

”Punctul zero” al dezvoltării personale

Branding Romania este unul dintre proiectele “de suflet” pentru mine, deoarece marchează în calendarul propriu punctul zero al dezvoltării mele personale. Cele două ediții la care am participat, mai exact în 2011 și 2012, au însemnat punctul de inflexiune în manifestul meu profesional și personal, în sensul că ambele traectorii au căpătat, în urma acestei tabere de vară, sens.


Harvest Bran Muffin

Harvest Bran Muffins
Source: http://www.recipe.com
I line the muffin cups with cupcake papers and sometimes use my jumbo muffin pan and adjust the time. After they are thawed, pop them in the microwave for a few seconds on your way out the door for a warm muffin! 100 more words

Angie Sutton

Abomination in Training: The Indoctrination of a Greenseer

Have you ever felt like the popular ‘Jojen Paste‘ theories were in some way correct, but incompletely articulated… they’re missing something?

Well I hope to allay those thoughts and put forth a compelling viewpoint, that goes a step further. 7,701 more words


Late Night Snack

I was really in the mood for a 10:25PM snack, so I decided to pause New Girl, which was the last thing on planet earth that I wanted to do.   309 more words


Rusk time

After a fabulous summer that held on for as long as it could, the temperatures dropped suddenly and just like that thick socks, extra blankets and 5-cups-of-tea-before-9am were the order of the day. 81 more words