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Branching Out

Don’t wait for the perfect moment…capture the moment and make it perfect.



UP A Tree

As dusk falls.

Or dawn rises.

There are some places

I would enjoy being for both.

To see

Without being seen.

I drew myself sitting in a tree. 9 more words

Life Chatter


Your love is like liquid fertilizer-  spilling down into the roots of my heart, extending them deeper into the soil of my soul, causing new nutrients of hope to pulse back up through my branches, pushing forth verdant new shoots. 9 more words


Photographs of tree branches in a park in Skokie, Illinois. The top photo is of a tree’s branch span, the middle photo is of a tree branch towering over a patch of trees and the bottom photo is of a twisted branch hanging from a tree.

Taken: JULY 2014

Simple Burglar Protection Steps

Warmer weather has people leaving windows and doors open for fresh air to blow through, right? 

Don’t do it!


It is the wrong thing to do unless you take some precautions first. 428 more words