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The Formula for Mobile Microinsurance Success in Senegal and Pakistan

> Posted by Juan Blanco, Associate, Financial Inclusion 2020, CFI

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In 2012, developed countries spent 8.6 percent of GDP on insurance, while developing countries spent only 2.7 percent. 598 more words

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Design and Implementation of Successful Embedded Education

> Posted by Guy Stuart and Julie Lee, Executive Director and Senior Technical Advisor for Financial Education, Microfinance Opportunities

Last week we highlighted historic challenges to scaling financial education (FE) and offered the embedded education model as one viable solution. 1,193 more words

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Embedded Education: Taking Financial Education to Scale

> Posted by Guy Stuart, Ph.D., Executive Director, Microfinance Opportunities

The past few decades have seen an impressive expansion of financial services to the world’s under- and unbanked populations. 877 more words

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'The Guardian' Launches Online Financial Inclusion Hub

> Posted by Center Staff

This week, The Guardian Global Development Professionals Network launched its Financial Inclusion hub, featuring stories, infographics, videos, and other resources on financial inclusion issues worldwide. 188 more words

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From March 20-24, the Microfinance Innovation Center for Resources and Alternatives (MICRA) held the 7th Academy for Microfinance Development in Asia (AMiDA) in Jogjakarta. The Academy provides international training for microfinance practitioners and policy makers in an effort to build local finance sectors’ institutional strength; help promote financial  access for low-income populations; and develop local economies. 884 more words


Mobile Money Myths

There are various misconceptions/myths about mobile money. The customers, agents, merchants, organizations and even mobile money providers have certain misconceptions. I believe as the owner of the business, MM provider need to first convince itself about the bright prospects of the mobile money business while carrying the spirit of financial inclusion and socioeconomic development. 1,686 more words

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