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Foolproof Ways for Capitalizing YouTube Marketing

As a business proprietor, do you know how crucial search engine marketing campaign in San Diego, CA is to your success? Is your business in San Diego carrying out YouTube marketing the right way? 444 more words

Search Engine Optimization

Differences Between Public Relations and Marketing


Most people believe that public relations and marketing are one in the same. But before venturing into public relations, it’s important to understand the difference between the two. 339 more words


Music transformed into the Pedro logo design

When Pedro asked me if I could develop his brand, I immediately felt some pressure because he is always seeking a ‘timeless’ quality in all that he does. 235 more words


12 Rules for Sales and Marketing Survival - Rule #8

See the Product through the Eyes of your Customer

Lessons learned…Older people (however you define older) don’t see themselves as older. Kids don’t see themselves as kids. 132 more words

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Experiential Stores (2)

Characteristics of pop-up retailing
Pop-up retailing is known to appear in unannounced (, temporary and unexpected spaces. When people are aware of its presence, word-of-mouth swells; it creates a sense of exclusivity and excitement. 999 more words


The Top 5 Reasons People Fail at Business Development by Christen Hatfield

As nearly every ambitious company knows, its growth potential lies with its business development efforts. Although business development seems like an easy concept to grasp on the surface, there are subtle nuances and finer points that many people gloss over, making it hard to properly understand. 1,066 more words

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Interview #13 : The B-Hub

If you are looking for a brand development and communication agency that can help you right from brand strategy to creatives to website development to marketing, then The B-Hub is your one stop solution! 566 more words