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Measure Brand Equity

What’s in the minds of the customers: thoughts, feelings, images, attitude, memories and such

Know customer so go for Customer based brand equity: … 265 more words

Brand management

Identify customers and their priorities

Choose the positioning to make them choose you over your competitor

Build up brand identity around that: design, logo, messages… 78 more words

Understanding the real value of brand equity

When a company’s brand matures after a certain period of time, it acquires a monetary value higher than what it started out with. Especially when the brand carried by a company’s products or services become hugely successful, the chances of its value appreciating all the more increases.

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Digital Marketing

Tips for Brand Managers to Win on Social Media

Being in a digital agency means, I often get to interact with the brand managers to understand what they want from their brand content to do on various social channels and suggest ways to do so. 633 more words

Social Media

Are you on coke or are you on (Diet)Coke?

Diet Coke has recently revealed its newest campaign with the tagline “You’re On Diet Coke.” As the name not so subtly alludes to cocaine and drug use, Coco-Cola claims this is not the case. 491 more words

Social Media

‘Wind Driven’ | Branded Surf Video

I thought for this post I would fuse my love for branding and surfing, and discuss a surf video entitled ‘Wind Driven’ by Brett Barley. I first saw this video posted on Surfer Magazine’s Facebook page and was immediately mesmerized by the branded footage. 467 more words


The value of Brand Equity

I smile every time I see the new Maytag Man TV spots.

These new and playful demonstrations of Maytag appliances’ dependability are insightful, cleverly told, and well-produced continuations of the original idea. 93 more words