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Omni-channel's migration dilemma

The shift in retail to a more omni-channel world is dramatic and profound. And since the term “omni-channel” gets thrown around a lot–often vaguely or carelessly–let me be clear about what I mean: more and more customers are becoming engaged in utilizing multiple channels–stores, mobile, online, social networks and the like–to explore, research and transact. 595 more words


Black Enterprise Magazine Advises Small Businesses to Learn Brand Licensing from Kim K

Small businesses, take heed: You can learn a lot from Kim Kardashian’s trademark licensing game. In July, she netted approximately $90 million from a videogame app deal.

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Marketing Keywords to Know: August 28, 2014

Digital Immigrant

Definition: An individual that was not raised during the widespread adoption of digital technology, but is forced to comply with these new technologies… 179 more words

Freshly Baked Communications

Here's a Great Marketing Data Checkup: What You're Collecting vs. What You Should be Using

What content metrics am I missing out on?

There seems to be a disconnect between what content marketers want to achieve and what they actually measure. 1,485 more words

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Looking Ahead: Marketing to Generation Z

By Pam Sahota

Generation Z – a generation not born just on the web, but born into social media at their fingertips. They use iPhones and iPads before they begin preschool. 340 more words

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3 Motivators for Interaction in Social Marketing

How many times have you discussed a social marketing program that asks your audience to where you look for your audience to take a picture or make a video to rally some UGC (user generated content) and sharing? 610 more words

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In my previous post, I preached the way of Millennial marketing to the modern brand and modern marketer. Was it convincing? Now to switch gears and preach the word of Baby Boomer marketing. 403 more words

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