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The woman who sells Thanksgiving

While turkey takes center stage once a year on Thanksgiving, the U.S. turkey industry is an $18 billion year-round market that produced 253 million birds in 2013, according to the National Turkey Federation. 626 more words


PR 101: Understanding the Rhetorical Context of a Situation

One thing I’ve noticed is that few public relations professionals are skilled at capturing the context of a given situation. In PR, understanding your audience, your purpose and your strategy make the difference between success and failure. 474 more words


Marketing Keywords to Know: November 20, 2014

Loss Leader

Definition: A strategy where goods or services are offered at outstanding prices to encourage shoppers to patronize a store

Have you ever gone into a store to buy a couple of sale items and walked out with bags of merchandise instead? 107 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know

Work to Perfect Your Brand

My previous posts have been focused on the importance of branding. Now we take it to the next level with how to perfect your brand! 680 more words

Marketing Talk

Using hastags to connect with customers

When I’m browsing through Twitter I’m always amazed at the hashtags that are used. Sometimes they make sense while others are just for laughs. A company, product, phrase or name can be a hashtag. 315 more words

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