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Marketing Keywords to Know: October 23, 2014


Definition: Return on Ad Spend, a basic metric used to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign

Simply put, ROAS is a way of tracking the profitability of an online advertising campaign. 145 more words

Freshly Baked Communications

Wembley Stadium- The new 51st State?

Affectionately known as the “Greatest show on turf”, earlier this year we looked at the power of ads at Superbowl VXIII, arguably the biggest live event in the world and a sport that is growing in popularity all the time, particularly in the UK. 465 more words


Pinoy Games As Product-Brand PR Promotions

Capture the Filipino market with an event that creates an ecosystem in the communities: looping household neighborhoods and community stores. Place your bet on the games of our heritage: LARONG PINOY. 638 more words

The NFL Changes Brand Marketing

The NFL has changed the way it markets its brand over the last several years. I believe the incorporate collaboration, lifestyle marketing, and encouraging consumer engagement which are the topic Christopher Erb mentioned in his presentation. 241 more words


Is your E-Newsletter generating Donations?

Is your E-Newsletter generating Donations? If you have read any of the other posts on this blog you will know I am a big fan of social media. 519 more words


The Power of Audience Trumps the Power of Your Marketing

It is a reality all brands and marketers must come to. Who has stronger influence on the awareness, consideration, purchase, and loyalty of your brand? You the marketer or others telling friends, family, and colleagues about the positives and negatives of your product or service? 388 more words

Social Steve

Gender equality? Not in business branding

Just past the lobby of Portland, Ore.-based Ruby Receptionists, a virtual phone answering service, there’s a short hallway dotted with handcrafted butterflies of all colors and sizes. 689 more words