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Converse + Expand: Increasing a project's scope gives a client the brand messaging he needs

Sal Misseri is an award-winning stylist, colorist, and photographer who experienced a meteoric rise to success: he went from graduating from Brown Aveda Institutes in Ohio to running them just a couple years later. 131 more words


Collaboration + Integrity: A joint effort produces strong messaging for an activist photographer

A few years ago, an activist photographer was working with a web designer to develop a website for his new business, Crazy Dog Photography.

He asked me to come up with some language to introduce his work, which ranged from shooting LGBT weddings to Pride Parades to legislative sessions to events. 49 more words


How to spot a genius at work.

To spot a genius where you work just ask yourself who’s really a pain in the ass to work with. If you know someone, there’s a 99.99% chance it’s just a regular asshole and about a 0.01% chance it’s who you’re looking for.


Planning is not dead. Man.

Some say that planning is dead because we can test and learn from concepts in advertising in a more agile way today than ever before. That might be true, however we can’t deny that planning narrows the list of concepts we have to test a hell of a lot.


2014 PR News Agency Elite Awards: Marketing to Women Category Winner

Another year has passed and another group of distinguished marketing and public relations firms have been awarded the PR News Agency Elite Award. Though the winners in every category are at the top of their field, this years winner in the… 320 more words

Erika Kauffman

Jeans industry

Hello loyal readers, let’s talk about the jeans industry today :)

Do you know that jeans was invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Straus and originally, jeans were worn by  manual workers as miners, cow boys  in the late nineteenth century? 874 more words

Brand Strategy


I have developed a series of brand communication workshops.  Designed to deliver specific outcomes through the power of collaboration and disciplined methodology.  Oh, and they’re a lot of fun too.