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Adopting an Essentialist Mindset To Brand Strategy

Compliments of the season! I trust you managed to catch up on some much needed rest and that you are feeling excited to take on 2015. 931 more words


The Best Selling Beauty Products of 2015 (And Why They're Succeeding)

In 2015, the best selling beauty products won’t be the ones that marketed aggressively in magazines and in television ads. Rather, they will be the ones that… 385 more words

Erika Kauffman

Leo's Daily Advertising Tip - Social Media

If a negative comment, is in the midst of a lot of positive comments, don’t worry about it (in most cases) as it will be overlooked and may even add credibility to your campaign.

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4 Ways to Raise Pricing and Delight Customers

Most companies loathe or mismanage the harsh reality that pricing increases are often necessary to offset inflation, even with the most diligent cost control.     Often, this is a painful across the board price percentage increase on all units, on largely unchanged products and services.     422 more words

Katz Marketing Solutions

When Does 1+1=5? Starting Today, For Our Clients.

In the creative business, you learn to believe in the power of magic every day.  I’m grateful to say, over our 21 years of building a list of global clients, attracting amazingly talented people, and racking up awards, … 339 more words

The Garrigan Lyman Group

Brand Integrity: Are You A Brand Of Your Word?

Any organization needs to be built on a strong brand. Brand integrity is something that most business owners should be concerned with when establishing positioning in the marketplace. 530 more words


Why clever communications propositions usually aren’t

It’s much easier to originate a great creative communications idea from a strong proposition. Communications propositions should be as creative as the creative ideas they inspire. 707 more words