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Joan Osborne: Love and Hate

As a singer, Joan Osborne has one of those voices (along with Susanna Hoffs, Bonnie Raitt, and Brandi Carlile) that makes any song she interprets that much better. 497 more words


The Alchemist

My daughter, looking a little vulnerable to my maternal eye, greeted me with a hug despite my warnings about a nasty virus I’d given refuge for the past week. 306 more words

Brandi Carlile's '39 (Queen cover)

It’s been a rainy day and I needed something to pick me up. Nothing does it quite like Brandi Carlile. She is an incredible artist and beautiful person. 8 more words

Random Thoughts...

Coming To You Live From...

Music is so much better when you hear a live version and, if you are really lucky, see the performance live too. What songs would I include on my mix tape of live music I have had the pleasure of seeing performed live…?


These past few weeks have been so challenging to me physically, mentally and emotionally that I have been unable to get a post of any significance out. 752 more words

Let's Talk About: My Top 25 on iTunes

I really hope no one judges me. Or do. It’s fun to be judged because then I can act cool like Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the Golden Globes (jokingly) rejecting a selfie from Reese Witherspoon (I really hope everyone understands that reference, if not google it, bing it, whatever).  147 more words