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WATCHING THE CONTINUUM : A Leadership imperative

Which products in our life have already or at present going through dissolution of meaning for us from its intended functional utility? The iPhone, iPad and Android devices itself begat a broad sweep of product & services redundancies and here are a few of its languishing victims: Bookstores, personal diaries, declining paid newspaper industry, external hard drives (Mediafire, Dropbox, Google drive, cloud computing should suffice for storage), book maps and atlases, handheld gaming consoles, MP3 devices, CD’s, DVD’s, VCR’s, DVD players, photographic films & stand alone cameras, pagers, voice recorders or dicta-phones, flashlights, encyclopedias, classifieds in newspapers, dial up modems, landline phones, yellow pages and address books, brochures and catalogues, fax machines, wires (most devices and gadgets are wireless these days), hand written letters, walkman, stand alone radio’s, photo albums, bedside alarm clocks, cheque books, desktop computers (replaced with laptops, smartphones & iPad’s) and many others. 1,990 more words


Same Product , Different Brand

well, this is my first official blog so far.

     i’m a fresh-graduate (soon!) programmer from jakarta. at first i thought that life is so simple.everything goes well if you stick with the system and not mess it up.well, it’s true you have to obey the rule and procedure but, don’t be a robot.i realize that my whole life is a big looping process: 312 more words


Rug Docter® Branded Anti-Theft

This must be a tough neighborhood in which to host a Rug Doctor® franchise. Not only are Padlocks necessary, but the padlocks themselves are tethered with steel cable… 276 more words

Shelf Edge Fixtures

Place Branding - Why?

Have you noticed? Talk about products or companies has changed to talk about brands. Almost anything these days, it seems, has a double life as a brand. 157 more words


Creative Branding: Cool it Raphael!

Ask a room full of people to name top three classical painters that immediately come to their mind? Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael, are the most likely ones to figure. 421 more words

Art & Culture

Strategy Discipline: A Thin Line Between Success And Failure

Through the past few days I’ve had the opportunity to work in several new projects quite challenging in terms of how accomplish the brand’s goals by having a cristal line clear strategy that leads to the results, I’ve have always said: “Not having a brand strategy is like starting a journey not knowing the final destination”. 411 more words