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Seven Reasons to Fly Your Banner High

I try to photograph interpretive media wherever we travel to serve as an idea file. In recent years I’ve seen some really creative uses of banners at varied sites, but especially at zoos and aquariums. 547 more words


Business Cards

Business cards I created for Care ‘n Cater Pet Sitter


Two marketers walk into a bar and laugh at Honest Slogans...

Clif Dickens is a graphic designer who creates Honest Slogans reflecting what people really think when they see a brand.



What is Cross-Channel Marketing? ¿Qué es el Cross-Channel Marketing?

A couple of days ago I went to a job interview for a company that does something called “Cross-Channel Marketing”.  It sounds intriguing but, what does it exactly mean? 951 more words

General Marketing

The Widening Sphere of Influence

In the 70’s, my sphere of influence was very limited. It included my parents as well as both my maternal and paternal grandparents. My infinity and love for them still influences my purchasing dynamics today. 292 more words


Free, hands-on masterclass in branding, messaging, and marketing | Portland's annual TBA festival displays dazzling command of the hardest art there is: turning out an audience

Irish director Garry Hynes once said something like: “If there’s no audience, it’s not theatre.” Put another way, live performance only ignites if someone else (namely, the audience) shows up to see it. 483 more words