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Chapter 91- Painting

Emerald loves to play with the shapes and is getting much better at it most of the time she manages to put the shapes in the correct place. 118 more words

Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge

Chinese Toilets - a post by Brandon

Part 1:

Back when we first got to China and I had technical issues, I wrote this blog post for later use. In the meanwhile, conditions have changed, but for completeness, I will share this mostly as it was written and add a follow-up post later. 1,549 more words

Chinese counties- a post by Brandon

My wife told me I would not be tracking my Chinese counties while we were here. Sometimes I think she just likes to say things she knows are incorrect. 185 more words

Kaolengmian - a food post by Brandon

Right after we figured out that our jianbing guy was actually our kaolengmian guy, he got chased off the streets for APEC. Because so many visiting dignitaries were cruising our neighborhood, let me tell you. 341 more words

The Diamond Legacy, Chapter 5.12

Amie and Brad made some time for themselves to be romantic.

Then they worked on their career goals, Brad created some jingles and Amie wrote some books… 68 more words

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

Survival: Chapter 2

    Survival. A world where anything can happen, from the normal to the bizarre. The story continues here with a train.

By Steve

Chapter 2: Ryan and Matthew… 483 more words


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