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Choose Bras for Plus Size Women that Elevate Your Comfort and Style

Plus size women often face the challenge of having their breasts adequately supported while sleeping. With unsupported full breasts, they may find it uncomfortable to change positions, especially if they usually toss and turn at night. 83 more words


Nubian Skin creates lingerie for women of color

If I asked a dozen or so black women, “where do you find your nude in the fashion world,” I can guarantee shrugs and “I don’t knows.” 552 more words


October 16, 2014: His father's son

As we’re walking past the lingerie department in Walmart

Rowan: Wooah-ho-ho-HO!! Look at all those boobie things!

Me: Rowan. Those are called “bras”.

Rowan: Pbbbffffttt! Bwahs! Hahaha!

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The Tale of The Green Bra...

6:48 PM

We get one jaunt to the sex shop and it’s back to business. The Fixer says even writers must learn business; no matter our… 658 more words


Blog Post by Toni McLennon, Amber Forgie and Elizabeth Mendoza-Cuadra

Three Girls, One Mic is a podcast depicting the opinions of three women. Myself, Amber Forgie and Lizzie Mendoza. 51 more words



         I want to start off by saying that getting from Jerez, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal without a map and limited GPS is a feat in itself.  329 more words


Make mine soft and dreamy, please.

I don’t know, maybe it’s the weather, but lately I’ve been finding myself pining over really dreamy lingerie. The strappy bondage stuff is everywhere and has been for a while, and even though I love that, right now I only want soft, pastel, sheer, silky, satiny, dreamy. Please.