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God in the Dirt

The sign of Immanuel which King Ahaz refuses, the sign of God’s presence, which he refused, is given to him anyway. Immanuel, “God with Us” was not dependent on a man’s will for it or against it. 390 more words

The Gospel

Over and Under

And the timeless sky which covers it all.


Gift Certificates and Holiday Scheduling

My favorite types of gifts to give and receive are experiences, rather than things.  The gift of an experience will not create clutter, unnecessary waste, or become obsolete in two years — rather, the gift of an experience invites its recipient to take time to savor something wonderful and encapsulate it as a memory, rather than a materialistic attachment. 83 more words

Massage Therapist


Susan and I met as we were both easing into our 50s.

This is a good time to meet someone. We’d both been around a bit, we each had long lists of what we didn’t want in a relationship, and it was easy to accommodate each other in what we each felt we needed at that point in our lives. 727 more words

A Parable (Is That What It's Called?)

Every afternoon I walk the rugged Main Street of Brattleboro Vermont with a romantic smile in my gut about it. For I know, by the looks of the shops holding up stories of brick, the sounds of the cars and beeping cross walk lights, and the smell of food, coffee, the Connecticut River, tobacco, and old books, and the feel of crisp, but not biting wind on my face, that this perfect, unthinkable, seamless, blend of hard rural New England with free, almost recklessly free, Bohemia is just right, in spite of everything that is so so wrong with everything. 503 more words

The Gospel


A thick white coat has muffled the world outside the door.



Off duty at the River Gallery School in Brattleboro, VT.