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SIT AND CRY - Sheer Mag

Philly-based group, Sheer Mag hit power-pop gold on this one. “SIT AND CRY” is an oddly comforting tale of a young kid living in the middle of a city, with no particular motive or reason. 126 more words

Book Tour, Raffle Contest and Review of Requested Surrender by Riley Murphy


She knows he’s dangerous for a woman like her.

He knows she’s perfect for a man like him.

From their first meeting, David Hollan is intrigued because Lacy Pembrook is subconsciously… 867 more words


Nonfiction - Faceplant 04 - by Jacob Steinbauer

One sure way to miss out on babes is to be more interested in G.I. Joe. I remember my brother, Eli, getting this awesome one with a parachute. 553 more words

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Humble Bundles and Books

Disclaimer: This is not my post, but yet, and random one I found on HumbleBundle’s YouTube page. (I did not block out the names because they wrote it in YouTube, therefore they wrote it for the world to see.) 272 more words

Another day, another whine.

I can’t help it. I whine and whine. When I’m not whining it’s because I’ve whined myself into more pain. It’s never ending right now. … 115 more words


Alter: (v) to change or cause to change in character or composition, esp. in a small but significant way.

There is only one thing that makes a good human being: a desire to change without being forced to do so, welcoming the spirit of repentance. 202 more words

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