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Laline Paull's The Bees: Honey Doesn't Buy Happiness

As highly functional and exceedingly authoritarian societies go, bees are legit. One need only skim some of the mass bee death headlines of the last few years to understand that for animals so small, seemingly innocuous and unwelcome at picnics, bees basically run the world. 813 more words


Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet?”


“Are we there yet?”


 This classic question reaches past the 2005 movie starring Ice Cube to our childhoods. We begged parents to inform us of our exact location to gauge how far we had traveled and how far we had left until our destination- forever wondering about our wandering. 553 more words

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Idiot's Guide to Surviving Brazil's Public Transportation System

So you’re coming to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup?

And you’ve heard all the worries that the stadiums won’t be built in time, and that Sao Paulo won’t be ready for the World Cup? 422 more words

Brave New World

Alarming News of the Day: Military Level Surveillance Technology Adopted by US Local Police

1. Police used video surveillance drones in Compton, CA as early as 2012

Stories like this one are hard to ignore. The report comes from a man named Ross McNutt, who worked at Persistence Surveillance Systems while the firm conducted a test of its technology with Compton Police in 2012. 583 more words

“O brave new world that has such people in’t!” (a quote from William Shakespeare in honor of his birthday)

My son was just assigned the book 

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