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Last words of the Scottish Referendum

In the Year of our Lord 2014, patriots of Scotland voted around the anniversary of Bannockburn. They charged to the polling stations, voted like Scotsmen and stayed in the United Kingdom.

Summer Sisters by: Judy Blume (Novel) SPOILER ALERT!

Summer Sisters is about Victoria Leonard and Caitlin Somers, two girls that have almost little to nothing in common. But despite their differences they always seemed to find their way to pull out and stick it to the end. 390 more words

Book Review


One of my AP Comparative Government & Politics shared Groundskeeper Willie’s views  on Scottish devolution and I have to share.  We have had fun talking about this issue in class.   39 more words


A dinna unnerstan! (I don't understand!)

Personally, I’m glad the United Kingdom will remain “united,” but I couldn’t resist this re-posting:

And, in celebration of Scotland’s wisdom, we share the late Robin Williams’ history of golf:


Scotland's Still In

The people of Scotland voted yesterday, pretty resoundingly, to remain in the United Kingdom. Considering the turmoil and violence of the past, this was a very civilized historic event. 287 more words

British Isles

Another extension of Scot's dependency

Md Toriqul Islam

“It’s all for nothing if you don’t have freedom.” Now the speech, which was cited by famous ‘Braveheart’ movie heartthrob actor ‘William Wallace’ is nothing but days ago when Scottish raised their voice to get freedom was great inspirational, I think. 241 more words

Oh no does this mean "Braveheart 2" Mel Gibson plays Alex Salmond...

All the hoo hah over the Scottish referendum is now over or I hope it’s over, it’s been a complete bore for thousands of people who have no interest whatsoever what happens to Scotland. 284 more words