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To My Fears, A Thank-You Note

I’m generally afraid of a lot of things…snakes, frogs, fish, turtles, secret unknown lake-dwelling creatures; bears, wolves, moose and dear in rutting season; killers living in the woods, tornados, fire, loss, injury (to myself or my loved ones), failure, and pretty much fear itself. 635 more words

Relationships & Reality

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Black and White

I faced the rain
And met the pain
I braved the night
Intent to fright I stayed through gales
Whispered false tales
Weathered the storm… 34 more words

Profile in Hope - Liam Niewohner

I am thrilled to announce HopeCourageInspiration.com’s first Profile in Hope recipient, Liam Niewohner!

A few weeks ago, Stephanie Niewohner wrote to me and shared her son’s courageous story of perseverance and huge heart for others. 319 more words

Autoimmune Disease


Is not a good thing to have, I know…it’s bloody awful, but I have it in spades at the moment. The worst bit of it for me, is when I lie my head on that pillow at night and try to sleep. 488 more words

True Bravery

An acquaintance of mine posted on social something along the lines of “This makes me fear nothing” and I started thinking about what bravery actually is which then led me to this post. 400 more words