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Under the Armor

Lord of the Rings. Well, The Hobbit.
      That’s what got me thinking. Okay, I was actually just thinking about Thorin Oakenshield. And no, it’s not just because I’m in love with Richard Armitage in BBC’s version of Robin Hood (shout out to Taren). 927 more words


The Price of Bravery

The last few days have been highly emotional for me. I promise that if you binge-read Marcus Luttrell’s real-life account of Operation Red Wing you’ll be a hot-mess too. 480 more words

Must Reads

Suit up: Tips for bravery.

Today I wasn’t feeling very brave, at all. I had to go to a place I wasn’t familiar with, via a mode of transportation I wasn’t familiar with, to a physical therapy appointment with people I haven’t met, who don’t necessarily speak English – and I didn’t know what they were going to do. 1,095 more words

Hello! From the future

Today, for the first time this year, I felt a tug on my heart and mind.  It was the future, saying hello!

Everything has been whirring about me lately, moving much faster than I expected, and I was surprisingly startled at this futuristic greeting. 67 more words

N is for Nice

Phew!  After the last two posts it is kind of Nice to relax and not go so ….  deep!  Seriously what is up with the word nice? 297 more words


A declaration

I refuse, with as little restraint as one may have, and with a fervor that borders on extremist religiosity, to live the rest of my life with as much fear, anger, and insecurity, that I have lived the first part of it. 100 more words


N is for New Experiences

Hello Friends,

Have you tried something new lately? Have you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried a new food? A new vacation spot? A new date? 115 more words

A To Z Challenge