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Alexander the Warrior

“And, to signify our beneficent intentions toward you and your people, please accept this gift of pure and clean drinking water, that we have labored to bring you.” The prince was tall and proud, his demeanor matched the regality of his dark purple and black robes embroidered in white, his tall matching hat, and dark desert skin. 340 more words

The Creative Process

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Before 2012 I was observing the conflicts around Israel very closely and decided to do a series of painting about the tension inside the country between the religions but also towards Palestine. 542 more words

Abstract Paintings

A Rainbow of Choices

Lately, I’ve been trying to get God to speak to me. To tell me what He wants me to do. I wanted Him to answer me clearly. 300 more words


No more excuses

I promised myself that no matter what, I would have my first post for this blog written and up by the end of the weekend. And so, predictably, I have lost enthusiasm for all of the many ideas I had about how to approach this first post–I’m left sitting here typing and deleting first paragraphs over and over again, false start after false start. 876 more words


Brave on Horseback

Last week, I was taking care of a horse named Dom for a friend of mine. It entailed me going out every day to ride, clean his stall, and provide lots of treats. 774 more words


On My Own

It happened so fast I think I am JUST now having it all sink in. The last time I posted, I had decided, but not aloud, that I was ready to have my own place. 629 more words