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Blog October First

So today is the day that the resume/cover letter is due for the job I really really want. I officially sent it in at 11:57PM on September 30th. 293 more words


Humbly Human and Incredibly Timely: The Help

Christopher W.| 9/30/14

This one particular post strikes a certain chord with me. Maybe it’s because of the amazing grace and most virtuous character the black maids featured in this film showed (though doubtless it pales in comparison to their historic counter parts), or the fact that my great-grandmother’s worked in this occupation. 508 more words

American Culture

Brave Patience

Sometimes, being patient is the bravest thing you’ll ever do. I know how strange that sounds, believe me. It seems counterintuitive to say that patience is brave, when it seems so very inactive. 423 more words

Bright Ideas

Victim of Hate 5 of 5

Nowhere to Run

I grew up with a sister who wanted to love me but didn’t know how. She wanted to be loved and accepted just as I did; yet she too was unable to find a safe place for her heart. 424 more words

Life Lessons

thoughts on bravery

who are we holding ourselves back for anyway?

facebook and instagram have become in integral part of our connection with other people. We put our interests, captured moments, and updates to inform others of our life and our beliefs, but we hide from expressing our passions and our fears. 236 more words

This Edge

Like stepping-stones
Simply got me to this edge
My choice now to turn and hedge
Or jump, free fall, with fear and all
Into that descending mist… 58 more words


Housekeeping Resignation, Effective Immediately

This week has been really painful. I mean literally painful.

It all started when I was washing the dishes the other night. I was being very industrious and getting a lot of crap washed, instead of just throwing all the dishes away like I wanted to. 295 more words

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