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The Oxford Dictionary

Unicorn (noun: unicorn; plural noun: unicorns):
A man who has a big brain as well as big muscles.

That’s how it goes? Right?

When did the ability to pump weights at the gym become more important than being intelligent? 99 more words


Civilization needs more brains and less brawn

Most politicians inclined to brawn would advocate for more tools of violence to guarantee peace. But real  peace and prosperity in any civilization is established when the use of human intelligence,  logic and sensibility is promoted over violence. 22 more words

Not What You Think

iGear MW-03 Hench (G1 Brawn)

I’ve never been a proponent or supporter of knock off toys and third party brands, so I usually stick to authentic products. Third parties can be useful for some spare accessories or missing parts and whatnot, but very rarely have I ever actually taken interest in actual non-brand items. 746 more words



Braised pigs head, picked, liquid reduced and clarified, then stuffed in beef middles, chilled and sliced