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39 weeks

I didn’t have much of a change when I attended the doctor on Tuesday, but I did start to lose my mucous plug on Sunday. It has come out in some larger chunks and some smaller bits over the week. 225 more words

Slowdive, Braxton Hicks and 38 Weeks

I am thrilled to say that I recently discovered Rachel Goswell’s blog in which she writes about her adventures of being a mom to an adorable little boy with Charge Syndrome, living in Devon, gardening and raising chickens. 293 more words

Just Practicing

I feel so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderful group of friends/mums  (moms, if you’re Canadian, like myself) as I work my way through this pregnancy journey. 651 more words


38 weeks (TMI warning)

Well, I’m officially really over being pregnant. I am so unmotivated to do anything; even going to the grocery sounds like an insurmountable task. The nursery is almost completely finished except for hanging some pictures and painting the shelves of the bookshelf. 337 more words

Mama tiger hiding: Gentlebirth in the weeks leading up to birth

If I were an animal I’d have snuck off under a bush by now.

I can feel my energy dropping. Not physical energy. Energy energy. 901 more words

Who Said That?

False Alarm :-/

So I thought last night was THE night…I was laying in bed, goofing off playing Hay Day (I should have been sleeping) and started having these intense cramps around 11:30PM that were consistent enough to predict. 419 more words


My Pregnancy: 32 week update

Hey friends! Happy Thursday! How was your St. Patrick’s Day? Besides wearing green, I really didn’t engage in anything festive. I always enjoy these fun holidays, but I feel like it’s so much more fun when you have kiddos to celebrate with. 1,756 more words