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Early Labour

By the time we reached the hospital, I had soaked through my maternity pad and onto my pants as the amniotic fluid continued to leak out in little gushes. 573 more words


5 Signs that You're in Labor

Even moms who’ve been through it before can’t always tell when labor is starting. To help you figure out when you’re really ready to head to the hospital, check out these cues. 464 more words


My IVF Diary 3: 33-35 weeks pregnant

Week 33 -

9/6/14: Woke up last night feeling sick, feeling rough this morning. I’m not sure if it’s a tummy bug or just my body falling apart at this late stage. 1,967 more words


Contractions On (Part One)

When your wife or partners’ due date is approaching, and then finally passes, and still no baby, every waking moment is a waiting game, which is exactly what happened to us. 389 more words


20 Weeks Pregnant

Another week has passed and I’M HALFWAY THROUGH MY PREGNANCY. Whooo hooo! Okay, so even though I am super excited to be 1 week closer to meeting our angel, I must admit that I’m a little sad that this journey has reached its half way mark! 137 more words

My Pregnancy Journey

Preggo Report: 31 weeks!

This week is a milestone for us! When I was pregnant with my twins, I actually delivered at 31 weeks! So, getting to this week with no complications has certainly been exciting!   213 more words


27 weeks

Holy crap! Third trimester!

Friends who I have considered being “pregnant at the same time” are starting to have their babies and it’s freaking me out to no small degree. 186 more words

Baby 3