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36 weeks

I think I was a little too shell-shocked to post at 35 weeks, when the doctor made it sound like there was no way I’d make it to January with this baby! 352 more words


30 weeks - Sleeping with a toddler is hard! #Pregnancy 2

I saw this picture online and I was just like yes, this is us! Ahhhhh, it is hard! And it wasn’t meant to be this way oh, our daughter just some how achieved this for herself! 601 more words


What’s in a baby name?

There are many little sparks that can light the tension touch paper when you’re expecting.

After all when you’re waddling around unable to see your feet anymore and coping with back ache, questionable digestion, zero alcohol and ankles the size of Christmas puddings of course any badly timed ‘helpful comments’ from the other half could cause you to blow. 441 more words

My Introduction to Braxton Hicks

Last Thursday, I was sitting in the passenger seat of our car as my husband was driving from the airport to our home; he has just flown back into town. 234 more words

37 Weeks Bump Update!

If you didn’t see my last post, I made a quick run to Labor and Delivery this past Friday afternoon. Long story short, I was having contractions that were only about 4-8 minutes apart but never became more consistent so after a few hours under observation and monitors I just decided to go home. 569 more words

Bump Update

I'm not ready for that.

The next few weeks should be interesting.

I say this because I saw the whites of Dan’s eyes for the first time today. His charismatic marriage proposal on Music Guild’s stage in front of hundreds of onlookers showed no fear. 855 more words


Week 33 of Pregnancy

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms: 

1) Waddling

I’ve been teeter-tottering on this for a while (pun intended) and now its finally evident that I have a consistent waddle. 550 more words