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Dificuldades Ter uma Educação no Brasil: Parte 1

Primeiro, vou falar sobre trabalho infantil no Brasil. Este problema é conectando a muitas outras, como pobreza, falta de educação, e empresas explorar trabalhadores. Quando uma criança tem que trabalhar nos dias de aula, ele não pode ter uma educação. 201 more words


Paulo Mendes da Rocha architecture, Brazil

Paolo Mendes da Rocha is one of Brazil’s leading architects, and his recognition has greatly increased since winning the Pritzker Prize in 2006.



After we finalized in January our plans and skip the idea of driving from Dubai to Germany or the reverse route, we started mainly planning the route. 250 more words

Getting Ready

La Burqueña in Brazil: Climbing the Pão de Açucar

Friday was the day I was most looking forward to throughout my entire time in Brazil: climbing day. I woke up early to take a taxi to meet my fun and handsome guide, Andrew, at the base of the Pão de Açucar tram station. 787 more words


La Burqueña in Brazil: Santa Marta

Kai and Paula and I went to see Santa Marta, a favela, on Thursday. At first, the idea of touring a favela seemed immensely tacky to me, and to be honest it still feels a little tacky, but that being said, I’m glad I did it. 439 more words


La Burqueña in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro

On Monday the 14th of July, we left Morro de São Paulo via a tumultuous journey. We took a boat to another island, where we got on a bus and drove the span of the island, where we then got on another boat which took us in to Salvador, where we got into Annete’s car, by which point all of us wanted to avoid transportation vehicles for a little while. 236 more words


Property Giant EcoHouse a True Multilingual Company

Property giant EcoHouse Group is a true multilingual compnay, not only is the company founder and CEO Anthony Armstrong Emery fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Married to a native Brazilian woman but many of the companies 1000 strong workforce is also multilingual. 544 more words