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A clearing in the trees

The Economist (print edition), 8/23/2014

In 1998 Fernando Henrique Cardoso, then Brazil’s president, said he would triple the area of the Amazonian forest set aside for posterity. 254 more words

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A New Entry Is Shaking Up Brazil’s Vote

Simon Romero – The New York Times, 8/20/2014

As the daughter of impoverished rubber tappers in the far reaches of the Brazilian Amazon, Marina Silva learned how to read as a teenager and worked as a maid before entering politics as an icon of the environmental movement. 142 more words

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Isolated Amazon Tribe for the first time Interacting with the Outside World

An indigenous South Americans living isolated and escaped from the attack in Peru appears in the jungle of the Amazon, Brazil, and for the first time to make contact with the outside world. 238 more words

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In Brazil, government, health groups work to shield isolated Indian tribes from disease

Dom Phillips – The Washington Post, 7/23/2014

RIO DE JANEIRO — Despite working for seven years with indigenous tribes in Brazil that have had no contact with the outside world, the closest Carlos Travassos had ever been to any was earlier this month, when he and his team treated seven Indians for the flu. 80 more words

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