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Brazilian Food

When you Travel to Brazil, you will notice that Brazilian food is made up of a wide variety of delectable dishes, prepared with several ingredients brought to Brazil by immigrants from around the world.  713 more words

Brazilian Food

2016 Rio Olympics - Upcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is Fast Approaching

The 2016 Rio Olympics is not currently on our daily news radar, but August 2016 is fast approaching and the Brazilian people are working extra hard to prepare for it.  944 more words

Brazilian Food

Charles of Arabia: First Birthday in The Kingdom

Last week Wednesday was my birthday. I was quite excited because it was my birthday but also anxious because it would be my first birthday in KSA. 418 more words


B is for Brazil

Well today the visit was to Brazil. Specifically Brazil at the O2 – 

This was not your traditional Brazilian fare, but Brazilians who have opened a chain of restaurants selling food that has a Brazilian slant to it. 871 more words

Suco or Juice living - A Brazilian Necessity

Juice is very important in Brazil.  How do I know?

Its a bit of a story, but I am reminded of my first days here in Brazil as I make my first cup of orange juice at home. 346 more words

Sao Paulo

Brazil Snapshot #22

This is photo #22 (of 50) in a series about our life in Brazil. In a country where exotic fruits abound, you can buy drink mixes in fun flavors: Cashew and Passion Fruit juices are featured here.

Brazilian Chicken Salad - Salpicão (recipe)

1 whole chicken breast, boneless and skinless, poached, cooled and shredded
2 medium carrots, peeled and grated
1/2 cup fresh or frozen corn kernels, cooked and cooled… 156 more words