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Raizes Take Two

So, I went back to Raizes for more Brazilian food. This kind of indulgent meal should definitely be a once in a blue moon type of treat, but after our first visit we were given a £15 per person voucher, and that amazing meat was calling us back. 73 more words

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Cantina do Gaúcho

Cantina do Gaúcho is a little restaurant located in the heart of Santa Teresa. They have typical brazilian food with a small terrace and a big view! 65 more words


Fazenda - Leeds

I’ve been to Fazenda on two occasions and as a student, they were VERY special occasions. Fazenda is a Rodizio Bar and Grill that follows a traditional Brazilian style of dining. 392 more words


Chicken Stroganoff "Brazilian Way".

I Know, Stroganoff is not Brazilian food. We all know it is Russian  but Brazilians love Stroganoff  and they developed  many different ways to prepare  and serve this favorite dish. 290 more words

Brazilian Food

The Melting Pot of Brazilian Cuisine

Do words as Feijoada, Acarajé, Moqueqa make sense to you? Then you probably are a Brazilian Foodie. Today, our correspondent from Copacabana, Silvia Russano, is leading us trough the roads of the outstanding gastronomic heritage of Brazil. 555 more words

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Restaurant of the week - Espaço Depósito

Name of the restaurant – Espaço Depósito

Specialties – Churrasco and salads

Prices – The prices can vary depending on what you order (A la carte) 58 more words

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Getting to know the gastronomy of Paraná

The gastronomy of Paraná is a mixture of influences of all the immigrants that came to this State and of the populations that lived here. The indigenous people of Paraná, who were essentially collectors, had the pinhão, or pine nut, their staple food par excellence. 1,059 more words

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