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Something Came Up!


Sorry I’m not writing today, tell you guys why tomorrow.

-Caution to the wind

Hiding in a Corner to Get Shit Done

Great news! I’m all moved in, the housewarming party went off without a hitch — the guests were great, the food was great, you were great and I was great. 213 more words

Adventures With Humans

Loving parent

Today I thought I would share with you all what I feel my loving parent can do. The book suggested a letter, but I think this works too.


I feel like since I am growing and evolving in fashion and as a person in general so should my blog. I’m working on some major changes including a possible name change. 34 more words

Fashion Blog

Here's What Your Kids Are Really Saying In Their Texts

Have you ever received an acronym in a text from your child and you have no clue what they’re talking about?  Don’t worry because we have the 60 most popular acronyms people use in texts and social media.  494 more words


Hey folks!

Hey folks! I’ve not gone away nor have I disappeared forever.

I’m just taking a little bit of time from blogging to concentrate on my writing. 173 more words