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Be like a firefly
Right after the night, it dies
Back to her dim flight.


I need a drink. brb.

The Ladybox Has Arrived

Remember when Pandora’s box was opened? Things didn’t end so well. Lucky for you and me both, these ladies have brought us a slew of exclusive zines instead. 52 more words


Vanish Into the Pixelated Ocean of the Internet!

NO vanishing into the pixelated ocean of the internet!

Lately I’ve been undergoing some mayhem and chaos in my life, namely in the form of having to find a new place to rest my head on short notice. 133 more words


Wow okay, so that was a complete flop 8D

Sorry to anyone who liked/saw/reblogged/or favourited the review for Tiger Boys. I was trying to write and draft a post from the plane, and instead… posted it prematurely. 32 more words


Wee beasty

The Birmingham Royal Ballet is currently presenting a full length Beauty and the Beast, which I must say is a spectacular production. The company has an unfortunate tendency to promote its work in a very dusty, stuffy,  old fashioned way. 27 more words


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