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Tinkerbell and the pirate fairy

In a small fairy village, the blue dust is almost sacred and used for very specific purposes. So when one of the clan betrays them intending to hand it to a group of pirates the whole world is in trouble. 57 more words


Who cares about the groceries?

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Wright, let’s stop discussing the grocery shopping.

If we are going to exert energy complaining about the firefighters, specifically the WFFA, let’s complain about them circulating blatant lies on flyers that were stuck on windshields and in mailboxes. 200 more words


The Perfectly Planned but Unlawful Takeover

When people are free to choose either every party to the transaction wins or there is no business; just crime.

Breach of Securities Laws, Self-Dealing and Unjust Enrichment. 1,928 more words

Breach Of Trust

When Litigating a Will or Trust Contest in California, What Evidence do I look for?

A typical case will involve a family member contacting me to complain about the dispositions in a will or trust of a deceased relative, with allegations that another family member or a caregiver “got” to the deceased relative to unduly benefit themselves at the expense of the other family members. 332 more words

Breach Of Trust

Undue Influence in California Will and Trust Contests

Undue Influence in California Will and Trust Contests

California defines undue influence in the Civil Code. Specifically, Civil Code Section 1575 states:

“Undue influence consists: 343 more words

Breach Of Trust

OPP allege criminal breach of trust against McGuinty chief of staff over gas plants scandal

Keith Bonnell — Ottawa Citizen — March 27, 2014

Police are pursuing a criminal charge of breach of trust against the right-hand man of former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty in an investigation sparked by the controversy over deleted gas plant emails.

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Liberal Watch

UPDATE: Another mistrial for Calgary psychiatrist

WATCH ABOVE: 16×9′s in-depth investigation of earlier criminal charges against Dr. Levin

Prosecutors are today considering their next moves after the Calgary trial of forensic psychiatrist Dr. 182 more words