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Sausage and Apple Dressing - More Than Microwaving

The other day, I shared my recipe for Honey Cracked Black Pepper French Bread.  Two loaves of French bread doesn’t seem like much, but we never seem to eat it before it starts to mold – especially not in the summer.  431 more words


Herb and Green Onion Bread

When I was going to make the chicken piccata I shared last week, I realized I didn’t have a starch in mind for the meal. I needed to come up with something last minute. 418 more words

Fudging Ahead

Pretzels and the Maillard Reaction

It’s interesting how many foods were invented on accident. Savoury soft pretzels may be one of those foods, as well as potato chips, popsicles and ice cream cones. 594 more words

Food Science

Pesto, Parmesan and Sundried tomato pull-apart rolls

I have been eyeing my friend Rhea Mitra-Dalal’s recipe for pesto pull-apart rolls for a long time. She makes them quite often, and the whole idea of tear and share rolls, flavoured with pesto has always appealed to me. 827 more words


Fria Grova


Rema 1000 har det sidste års tids fået en del flere gluten og laktose frie produkter,Deres udvalgt på køl fra det sveske mærke Fria er i hvertfald ganske udemærket. 594 more words
Gluten Free

Nutella Star Bread

It’s bread week on #GBBO so as part of my BakeAlong and @SBCtakeover challenge I was looking for a bread recipe that would stand out. Not easy when there are so many talented bakers around and so many things you can do with bread. 753 more words


Baking Tunes

We love baking, but you know what makes baking even better? (besides adding chocolate, always add chocolate) Doing it while moving along to some good tunes!  17 more words