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And So it Goes...#567

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Daily Telegraph sums up in one go what the Mindless Marionettes at the Westminster burlesque are congenitally incapable of doing.telling it like it is.   1,300 more words

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And So It Goes...#564

Being a bourgeois liberal capitalist democracy is sooo hard these days. With supposedly centuries of moral/philosophical ,cultural and historic attainments to claim and boast about and include in the usual kind of sovereign nation-state story ;life becomes terribly complex. 178 more words

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Black Friday / A self-inflicted disaster?

Sitting at my desk as usual, sipping coffee and deciding which post to work on, I find myself thinking about how vast numbers of Americans are camped out at shopping malls, big box stores, and searching online for “bargains” today, Black Friday. 434 more words


Bread and Circuses

Black Friday. As a Brit I am confused. Since when did we start celebrating this American consumer-fest?

I watched the news this morning. There was a report that Tescos had had disturbances at eight of its stores in Greater Manchester. 407 more words

2. Bread & Circus

I’ve always loved art, despite my lack of artistic ability. Last week I found myself wandering around when I found an art exhibit that caught my eye. 128 more words


He Said That? 11/20/14

From Ben Moreell, “Of Bread and Circuses,” The Freeman, 1/1/1956:

Rome was sacked by Alaric and his Goths in 410 A.D. But long before the barbarian invasions, Rome was a hollow shell of the once noble Republic.

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November 13 - Bread and Circuses

Appetite is an incentive to work;
 hunger makes you work all the harder. Proverbs 16:25 MSG

Work is necessary and the desire to create something out of nothing is all about God’s divine design. 292 more words