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And So It Goes...#539

A short treatise on hypocrisy. Parliamentary politics embodies the very essence of what it is to be a  ” Hypocrite ” ( ancient Greek for ” Actor ” ). 220 more words

UK Politics

Harsh Message Pt. 2

Recently I was made privy to an article written by some “patriots”. I guess all you have to do to be a true patriot these days is click like and not like obama. 533 more words


And So It Goes...#534

Class Warfare has not gone away.It’s very much alive and kicking ; and it seems that the Ruling Elite are doing most of the kicking ;of the Poor and marginalised as per usual. 411 more words

UK Politics


is this the real life

i know it’s not fantasy

unless my twisted mind

fantasizes all the time

about a fucked up world

that leaves me crying… 489 more words


Our Default Source for News

I watch the NBC Nightly News out of habit but my source for news is usually internet based. I get a daily email from the NYTimes, check out NPR, and then some tech/geek sites. 373 more words

The Final Days

There was no intention to write today.

The fine days of an Indian Summer are bestowing harmony and peace to this little part of Ireland, but… 265 more words