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Bread, Circuses and the Great Alberta Plate Debate

Poor Premier Hancock. Remember him. He tried to pull off the “bread and circuses” gambit—and kicked over a hornet’s nest.

The phrase “bread and circuses” was coined the Romans. 746 more words

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Bread and Circuses

Curmudgeonly cove that I am, I remain unmoved by the giant puppets being pulled through the city centre. We are told it is “part of the narrative” of the outbreak of World War 1. 331 more words

Sober--Angle of self deception? Looking at sober in a new way?

Are you Sober? Am I? What is Sober?

Is Sober merely abstaining from mind altering substances such as liquor and street drugs, or, is it also being in a rational mental state also abstaining from anger and rage and silly frivolity? 873 more words

Brief Biography Of Blogger

And So It Goes...#497

Apropos of nothing.

Days spangled with splendourirridescent dreams realised ,

made real in space ,

in time

in History

on days like this ;

Myths etched in friezes… 38 more words

Bread And Circuses

Bread and Circuses

 Bread and Circuses

We give you bread and circus

So please don’t make a fuss

We’ll make sure you get a free ride home too - 87 more words


Day Thirteen Serial Killer Part 2

On day four, you wrote a post about losing something. Today, write about finding something.

Tell us about the time you retrieved your favorite t-shirt from your ex. 799 more words

Brief Biography Of Blogger