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The Great Conversation: Bread and Circuses

In his Republic, the first people to go, according to Plato, were the poets.  And poets here meaning artists, creators of art and texts that surpass the common conventions.  896 more words


Effects of Computer Games on People

Every now and then vague accusations arise about the harmful effects of computer games on people. I’ve played computer and video games pretty much all my life and most of my friends play games too. 1,404 more words


Colosseum: the forgotten amphitheatre

I was in London a couple of weeks ago at the Coliseum Theatre. For those who haven’t been inside, it’s really quite something. The inside is a light gold colour with gilded SPQRs attached to the ceiling, gold roundels with gold Roman profiles, gold statues of chariots pulled by gold lions and the odd (gold) Roman bust. 578 more words

Bread and Circuses

There is a Latin phrase – ‘panem et circenses’ that has been washing around my brain for a few years now. It translates as “Bread and Circuses” and was first penned by the poet and satirist Juvenal in about AD100. 627 more words

Bread and Circuses Bistro (401 Delaware Avenue)

Among the list of GoodEats, comes the quaint bistro tucked away in uptown Towson.  Bread and Circuses Bistro is located off of Delaware Avenue easily accessible from York Road.  223 more words


Chiyoda-Ku - Bread and Circuses EP Review

Subsisting on an easy to remember ethos, ‘it’s all about the music’, Chiyoda-Ku deservedly avoid the pitfalls that their slightly clichéd tagline has waiting for them. 115 more words