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Pricing Strategies for Your Restaurant Order System

With food costs rising and an impending increase in minimum wage, a lot of you may be wondering—are my menu prices right? Whether you’re a new restaurant owner or you’ve been in the industry for awhile, reviewing your menu and setting prices can be a daunting task. 493 more words

Bombe Alaska

Servings: 6


  • If desired, substitute cake and ice cream layers for any other flavors.

Dark rum syrup:


Top Whisky Drinks to Keep You Warm

It’s official—we’re whisky lovers. With the days growing shorter and the weather turning colder, why not turn on the heat and impress your customers with some of these hot whisky-inspired drink recipes? 189 more words

Internal Landscapes

And I felt myself going. I was in a great deal of pain…
It was a very frightening experience, but I began to slip…
I just sort of, felt myself going, and I remember trying to hold on… 640 more words


The Magic Feather

Little rook in the midst of the parliament,
They harp and chatter, but everybody knows he’s going to be sent, away,

Cos he’s a wild, he’s got a red eye. 725 more words


Is Employee Morale Slacking? Improve the Mood with These Tips

It’s not enough to have great food and a great venue—you need stellar staff to complete your customers’ experience. But keeping morale high with servers and bartenders can be tough. 304 more words


Precision Printing Now Available!

Breadcrumb Pro’s latest feature, Precision Printing, allows managers to now customize where tickets print from each iPad. This new feature is easy to use and will help you run your restaurant more efficiently.  9 more words