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Employee Spotlight: Behind the Scenes with Customer Support

There is a face and story behind the person who’s helping answer some of your most difficult questions! This month we chatted with Nathan Guerriero… 466 more words

Get Your Money Faster with Breadcrumb's Credit Card Batching Feature!

As a business owner, accepting credit cards is a costly convenience to offer customers. While customers typically spend more when they don’t need to track the amount they are spending with the cash in their pockets, credit card processors charge for the ability to accept cards. 337 more words

Marine Invertebrates

Ectopleura crocea, the pink-hearted hydroid, alongside Halichondria panicea, the breadcrumb sponge. Both are sessile, colonial animals that grow on rocky areas of the intertidal Atlantic, as well as piers and boat bottoms– or just about anything that stays still long enough. 32 more words

Go Green with Breadcrumb's Email Receipt Feature

Save those trees and make life easier for your customers by using Breadcrumb’s email receipt feature! The latest update to the app, 2.4.4, includes email receipt support as well as several other stability improvements. 27 more words

Research and Discovery – pages and pages

How many of us really know the full state our council websites are in?

  • Do you know how many pages there are?
  • Do you know how many documents there are?
  • 570 more words

The Food Truck Trend: Here to Stay?

As we head into 2015, many small business owners are looking at trends they should take advantage of and others they should avoid. So what about food trucks? 93 more words