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The Storm Cloud...

When I lived in Malaysia, I was quite shocked one time as I drove past a huge billboard sign outside a construction site which had Oprah Winfrey’s head on it.  352 more words


From "The Moral Dilemmas Of Narrative" a timely post on ethics and priniciples when writing about living subjects

The Moral Dilemmas Of Narrative | Gangrey.com.

A timely excerpt from Gangrey.com’s post of Bill Marvel’s book introduction:

“Compassion seems simple enough. It requires we be aware of our subjects’ feelings, that we write in a way that, if possible, minimizes their distress. 321 more words

Cherie Ann Turpin

Herbed Chicken Parmigiana

Servings: 3

Oven: 350 F, 10-12 minutes


  • Pound the chicken to an even thickness.
  • Keep breading ingredients separate.
  • (optional) Use seasoned breadcrumbs, or season with garlic powder, salt, paprika, oregano.
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MoveOn Petitions - "Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son!"

MoveOn Petitions – “Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son!”.

Petition Background

A Ferguson, Missouri police officer racially profiled and fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown as the teen stood with his hands in the air. 63 more words


The Three Gates

Reading a Guardian article about Robin Williams and some of the opinions floating around made me think about my posting of Tuesday morning, which read: 729 more words