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Lemon Cranberry Muffins

For some time now I have been aching for a baking buddy. Ever since I moved to Chattanooga I just haven’t had one. I suppose the reasons could be that 1) not many of my friends like to cook or bake (ironically because my degree is Nutrition) 2) all my friends live too far away for us to hang out at each other’s houses 3) plain busyness. 475 more words


Succulent Zucchini Bread

We look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms. The first is freedom of speech and expression–everywhere in the world. The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way– everywhere in the world. 1,593 more words

Breads & Muffins

The Only Banana Walnut Bread You Will Ever Need

“‘There was once a small, strange man,’ she said. Her arms were loose but her hands were fists at her side. ‘But there was a wordshaker, too.’” 384 more words

Breads & Muffins

Bacon and parmesan muffins

I rarely get around to baking, but this morning my hubby was in for a real treat. While he was busy fixing up our dining room door, I neatly set out all the ingredient to bake these amazing savoury muffins. 198 more words


Meyer lemon strawberry muffins

“I wonder what a lemon was,” she added inconsequently. “I’ve seen oranges. They’re a kind of round yellow fruit with a thick skin.”

“I remember lemons,” said Winston.  313 more words

Breads & Muffins

Almond Coconut Muffins

March quickly began with winding walks along the beach fronts and picking up stories from the people we passed by. Soon though, the month seemed to pass us by as I dreamt of afternoon picnics in picturesque parks, riding bareback along open fields with snow peaked caps in the background, and to those days of pushing a bicycle along cobblestones streets, market wares in my basket. 688 more words

Gluten Free

Coffee Cake (S)

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with my entire family over this past Christmas holiday.  Along with the amazing fellowship and delicious food, I have to say that the coffee ranks right up there in the highlights of the trip!   440 more words