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Reasons Why Few Music Groups Make It To The End (Intelligible With The Help Of The BEATLES)


Music groups, an anthology of unique talents who can change the world with their apt melodious inventiveness. The global community has observed highly successful music groups like the Beatles, Destiny’s Child, The Fugees, Eagles, Take That, Jackson 5, The Kinks, The Dream Street Boys, Westlife, ‘N Sync and The Velvet Underground split up. 3,194 more words

22% Of Women Have Done This After A Break-Up

After a breakup, it’s a tradition to defriend your ex on Facebook so that they’re fully out of your life.  But there’s a problem . . 106 more words


What are you holding on for/to?

What are you holding on for/to?

I have ended a relationship many times recently. I have packed up and walked away…not too far away. I have been done…for the most part. 386 more words


Chapter 2 - Free Ali!

Someone from my past, Ali, came back after like a year. He was preparing to go jail. Yup, that’s why I said “another bad boy”. Yet another long story short, he got sent down. 566 more words

3 Ways to Perfect the Art of Being a "Crazy" Ex-Girlfriend

Now i’d like to say I have quite the expertise in writing this post. I’d like to think i’ve earned my master’s and doctorate degree in the matter of one breakup. 1,343 more words

When Life Throws You A Curveball, Hit A Homerun!

When you were in high school, you probably dreamt about your future: college, an amazing job that pays well, marriage and a few kids.  You probably never planned for curveballs: arguments, a break-up or divorce. 907 more words


Wish You Were Here

I suppose my father doesn’t mean a lot to me because he had two replacements. The first was Stephen, my mother’s boyfriend. A friend of my dad, Stephen and my mom moved in together when I was two. 891 more words

Childhood Shit