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My Hate For You Isn't What It Seems

In my mind, and in an enraged stupor, I say that I hate you.

I say it with such conviction that I feel the lava boil in the cracks of my volcanic and ashen heart. 893 more words

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Loss and grief; Breaking up sucks

Breaking up or other major losses always suck.  They just always do, as much as you try to paint it well and keep a positive attitude. 700 more words

Another One Bites the Dust

I went to San Diego last week to visit a friend. I was supposed to go to Florida with Nathaniel, but after he relapsed I changed my plans. 572 more words



This is kinda awesome. I wrote this “note” on facebook a long time ago when I was going through a break up. I just reread it after YEARS and it was really cool to see my transition from devastation to ultimate power. 905 more words

Sometimes I want to hate you so badly.

I’m furious today. You told me you would be here through this year, right by my side. I was there for yours, cheering you on whenever you let me. 400 more words

Break Ups

Beauty in the Break-Up

There is a time in life that your mind tells you there’s no way you’re going to survive. It starts with the word…

Dumped. 1,205 more words

Break Ups

Chapter 7 Expectation versus Reality

Chapter 8 Expectation versus Reality

I am quickly learning that when approaching a date, it is easy to get carried away with building a small movie in your head of how things will play out. 486 more words