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Thank You For The Broken Heart

First things first, I’m the real-est. Yes, I am going to be openly honest……..

After two weeks of it all, I finally accepted it all. I finally see the bigger picture to why things ended. 859 more words

My All Time FAVORITE Song

In case y’all did not know, I LOVE country music. It was my go to through a break up. I could relate to every song all of a sudden and everything felt so soulful which is normal I guess when your an emotional song. 290 more words


Sometimes there's no fairy tale : a true story

He was her first love, she was his. At 18 madly in love. This is an email exchange 20yrs later. After sending a poem in which she professed her love… 1,824 more words


5 Reasons You Can Live Without Him

1. You don’t need anybody to complete you.

A relationship should better both of you, you have to each be complete on your own before you will ever be happy together. 231 more words

Longing (haiku)

stirring her cup of tea,
milk curdles
weeping salty tears,
pillow case no longer
carries his scent

© Tournesol ’14

Carpe Diem Special # 113, Shiba Sonome’s 4th “longing for someone”


Projection vs. Reality

What I’ve realised recently is that nobody wants to show the bad things in a relationship, whether that be a friendship, family or partner. Our projection on social media are more often than not positive and sometimes simply fictitious! 353 more words

Brown Girl Issues

On Being Alone

When I was in a long-term relationship I remember feeling like all my single friends were on at least one dating site (now, 3 years later it’s both dating Apps AND dating sites). 2,201 more words

Self Discovery