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Should You Burn Your Exes Things After A Break Up?

Last week, I discussed whether you should keep your exes stuff after a break up. This week, I want to talk disposal methods!

Some women are so angry and hurt after a break up that they feel compelled to get rid of their exes things in the most destructive way possible. 242 more words


"Ain't That Lonely Yet"

Dwight Yoakum had a hit song many years ago, “I Ain’t That Lonely Yet”.  I have recently added this song to my music collection because its a song I can personally relate to.  418 more words


The Love Poem You Deserve

Because I never told you this. And I should have. I guess the truth is we all deserve an ooey-gooey love poem. No matter how late it’s written. 47 more words

10 Signs It’s Time To Call It Quits On A Relationship [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Sometimes, we hold on a little too long after we’ve lost faith in our relationships. Jasmine Sanders has a list of top 10 signs of when you should let go and call it quits! 109 more words

The DL Hughley Show

The first of many .... maybe

So i’m not really sure what i’ll do with a blog, or if anybody actually reads this shit anymore.  It doesn’t really matter to me if i’m talking to myself since i’ve gotten use to that.   340 more words


Light and shadows

Who do you think you are?

You come and go,

you’re up and down,

always dragging me with you.

You have no courage,

You have no conviction. 393 more words

Break Ups

It Isn't Right - The Beginning of an End

This post was originally written in July of 2014.

Thursday, July 24th. Standing in the doorway to the old apartment, I looked around and saw just a few things left: two green bottles holding dead, dried roses from a year earlier, some tool boxes, a rag, and a piece of art given to me nearly a decade ago. 1,001 more words