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Always always ALWAYS, go out the door prepared to meet your worst enemy

A similar quote floats around pinterest/your facebook wall,  by a certain Kimora Lee Simmons. I’m not exactly sure who this woman is, but today I will demonstrate why she is is totally, 100%, on the ball. 985 more words

I'm a Darlek.... Exterminate!

I have been an ‘A grade dickhead’ over the past few months. I talked myself out of a good thing only to fall into bad ways… And what for? 389 more words



I want to dissapear, but no one needs to know
I want to run away into
That world I conquered in my dreams
I’ll pack up every yesterday… 83 more words


Why losing a friend is actually WORSE than a break up!

My 5 Reasons why losing a friend is actually WORSE than a break up:

1. You have to eat junk food and watch chick flicks alone, when your best friend would usually be with you helping you through the break up. 242 more words

F - Fudge

Choultries are depressing in the evenings. Disorderly empty chairs, laughing relatives, broken flowers; water spilled here and there from water fights between running cousins, goodbyes and wishes hanging in the air, the feeling that the last few remaining people on the earth are pulling away, going far away from you. 468 more words

Why the Little Things Matter

So a big topic that has been on my mind lately is how to be in a successful relationship. This is a tricky one, because let’s be honest here, I am a hot mess when it comes to relationships. 769 more words


Written when I was going through a break-up a few years ago. Inspired by Poe’s Pit and the Pendulum.