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Do you ever have a friend that when you first develop your friendship with them, you can’t remember what it was like to live without them, or can’t imagine life without them anymore. 361 more words


When Life Is Better Without The Person You Loved

Do you remember the first time you had the air forcefully knocked out of your chest? Maybe it was from falling off of the monkey bars at recess, or possibly it was the head-on collision you had on the soccer field. 890 more words


My Dog Loved Me More Than You Did

I was mad at you for such a long time. That sounds so damn stupid and obvious. It’s like, “Well no shit, I was angry.” 923 more words

Almost Famous: Annabel Acton



When tech entrepreneur Annabel Acton found herself unceremoniously dumped a few days before Christmas she was left not only broken-hearted, but holding an expensive plane ticket she could no longer use.   156 more words

Nick Hose


Fade In: January 24th, 2 AM. It is snowing in Nashville. Enter me, wearing spandex on spandex, sobbing, running back to my dorm.

Doesn’t this scene remind you of that part in the Emperor’s New Groove where Kuzco is alone in the jungle and crying in the rain?? 775 more words



Thought you knew,
Left you a note that told you we we’re through.
Now I’m left feeling guilty and unamused at the stupidity that comes from you. 124 more words


Stupid bastard thinks he can just leave me angry,
Thinks il wait for him for a month just because I used to do it before, … 156 more words