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Thoughts After Dark

What is it about the night time that causes us to think more?

Why is it that I think about everything I try so hard to forget about, when my gaze meets the boring, dull ceiling staring right back at me? 87 more words

Break Ups

Being Broken: A Commentary on a Post That Never Made It to the Interwebz

Back in January, I had originally intended to post a blog about being “broken” and how it felt from the inside. It never really took off and had less focus than I was comfortable posting. 1,858 more words

Part Of My Story

Another One Bites the Dust...Or, I Have Hope for Myself, After All

That’s right. I’m back. Back and better than ever! I recently lost about two hundred pounds. Yep. I’ve re-entered the kingdom of Singledom. As it turns out, the one that I thought was “the one” was in fact most certainly… 468 more words

Living Life

Ancient Love

Circumstances won’t allow

Our souls to reunite right now,

Still I feel him everywhere I go.

He speaks in dreams and memories

Pretty words and melodies… 32 more words


Road Trip

Going back to 2nd Chris’ town. It feels like I’m returning to a crash site or the scene of a crime. It’s not about him though. 259 more words


In February, my ex-husband Roger and I took our son on vacation.  We did the same thing a year ago and I swore it would never happen again any time soon, not because it was in any way a major disaster.  1,381 more words


Relationship Break-ups

Don’t Start a Different Fire

My first relationship ended in one of the worst ways possible for me. During the week of Valentine’s Day my ex-girlfriend started acting very weird and reserved on our dates and out of the blue tells me that God told her to break up with me. 1,617 more words