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Break, Mako, Fields & Villem - Shadowlines [Utopia Music]

The Utopia dream-team combine forces once again for a predictable but nonetheless satisfying slice of rolling tech-funk. Fans of the crew’s output will know what to expect – crisp breaks, grimey bass and the kind of production values that 40 odd years combined experience brings to the table! 97 more words

Drum & Bass



I have survived homecoming weekend! If you are not sure what that is, it’s basically an excuse of a weekend to drink at all times. 963 more words

How Images Can Make or Break Your Ad

By Dawn Berryman

So, you’ve purchased advertising and you need to provide an image, or have one created. How important is the image you use? Very!! 590 more words


Am I a masochist

That I torture myself this way?

As you sit there, miss catalyst,

The means to my agony

If I could just move on… 158 more words


The Midnight Melody

I still lie awake at night, plagued with thoughts of you

 The insomniac “what if’s” and “if only’s” that keep my mind full steam

And the few hours I have to call my sleep… 209 more words


C'mon C'mon

Sheryl is one of my all time favorites…she gets me through some sad times



Crush, Break, Mar

Okay…. so I was studying whilst singing and dancing and acting and somehow… I also wrote a poem in between?

I don’t feel anything

I am just an empty vessel… 94 more words