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Hundreds Of Cars Still Trapped After Water-Main Break Floods UCLA Parking Structures

WESTWOOD (CBSLA.com) — Hundreds of cars were submerged by Tuesday’s massive water main break in Westwood.

An estimated 20 million gallons of water were lost when a high-pressure water main burst on Sunset Boulevard in front of Marymount High School on Tuesday, flooding two parking structures on the… 386 more words


Where is Scala's "break" Keyword?

Does Scala have the break keyword?

The short answer is “No”. Scala doesn’t support break and continue at the language level. However it provides you with the right API calls to achieve the same results.

Video: Burst water main floods Sunset Boulevard and UCLA

euronews (in English), Jul 30, 2014

It started as a small crack in a water pipe and within minutes a three metre wide hole was sending a jet of water 10 metres into the air in Los Angeles. 103 more words


The Need-To Read (217)

Ran to the kitchen to do a quick stir-

And immediately got back to that left off chapter.



Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

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So endlich endlich endlich ist auch dieses Schuljahr bzw. das zweite Abisemester geschafft! Jetzt heißt es erstmal 6 Wochen Ferien :) Ich realisiere das leider immer erst wenn dann schon die Hälfte der Ferien um sind. 48 more words


Y2D302 and student life

I spent most of today at university, picking up more readers, researching for projects, attending tutorials, signing up for the Student Union and generally becoming a proper tertiary scholar. 43 more words