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Having a breakdown due to brother and exams. tw: swearing

Brother is home for two weeks. The only two weeks I have to revise for my mocks. I am terrified of my brother. He scares me so much. 128 more words


Here I am once again

With my heart and soul connected

My heart is beating faster and

Fear is taking over

I use to be the small little girl… 79 more words

Creative Writing

a dream

I had a dream that I was falling,
falling into an empty place.
My mind and heart screamed out for you,
though no sound came from my own voice. 155 more words

Sorry is never enough

I have often heard it said that nothing is a total wash.
That from each experience either good or bad we can grow…
become stronger, learn something new. 288 more words

Fallow times and the road so far

I entered a period of fallow time in June 2012. It was sudden, and I was not prepared.
It would last, with a short break in August 2012, until January 2014. 1,542 more words

The Aftermath - I have outed myself. [~Lie~]

[~Lie~]: Throughout this blog post, I am openly lying because I will be talking about people I work with and places in my home town. I do not want to be identified, nor do I want to identify other people. 3,266 more words

Blog Post

Introducing Depression Darling

That’s me up there. I’m a real person. With feelings. Sometimes too many feelings…

When I’m not busy self-loathing I try to see the funny side of my Depression. 37 more words