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Love You Loads xxx

My phone ran out of battery last night, so when I rolled over in the darkness attempting to find out the time, I plugged it back in and waited for it to start up again. 431 more words


Leafs Goals Breakdown (Philadelphia Flyers-1, Toronto Maple Leafs-0)

This is a segment where I will break down the Leafs goals (for and against) from their previous game, and see who’s at fault on the play. 226 more words

Toronto Maple Leafs

How To Cook Duck – The Full Breakdown

When it comes to how to cook a duck, there are a few factors that can cause it to come out perfectly…

I'm back. Hi.

So yeah it’s a boring sunday and also I felt depressed today. That’s the reason (at least I think that’s why) I wanted to start posting back here. 85 more words


A Moment of Lost Controle

Towards the end of November I had a bit of a panic attack / mental breakdown. It wasn’t pretty: I miss judged my turn and almost took out my Dad’s mailbox, I texted and emailed people and broke plans, and cleared my calendar till the end of December, and I kept bawling my eyes out over and over again. 301 more words

Medical Experiences


Psalms 27:14
“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

I ask myself as I lay awake thinking of the past few days and the events that have taken place I look to this scripture and think, what was King David going through that he too needed these words to make it through? 357 more words

Looking Back On Love

The years we spent
The dreams we dreamt
The plans we made
The vows we bade

And all was good
And all was fair
Our love was strong… 262 more words

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