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No More Captain Crunch

I didn’t set out to make this little guy kind of down-in-the-dumps, but he turned out that way, so I gave him a pirate hat as recompense.


soups and cereal

Our upstairs friend and neighbor Jurek was down for dinner .  Ada was in the kitchen preparing the perogi and cabbage stew as Jurek and I sat sipping our soup . 696 more words

Overnight chocolate protein oats

I feel a bit guilty calling this a recipe, as it’s nothing more than a few ingredients stirred together and left overnight.

Still, it’s one of my favourite post-cycle breakfasts, and as taste goes, I don’t think it gets much better. 179 more words


Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Lucky Charms! (1991)

If you need a magically delicious start to your Monday morning, look no further than a bowl of Lucky Charms!  We traveled back to 1991 – coincidentally, the same year that  106 more words

The Pirates Of Dark Water

Seven Reasons Why I Love Spoons

OK. I’ve got a confession. I have a fondness for spoons. Not in a sexual way, mind you. I had a roommate in college who told me that in a psychology class he learned spoons were a symbol for the penis, which at least helped me to understand the bizarre scene in… 449 more words

Cerealism - Cereal Art

The part that I think makes cereals so fun and exciting to eat is looking at the colors and shapes of the cereals. As many of you already know, they come in all different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. 549 more words