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Beating the Soggy Cereal Blues

In a recent post, I commented on my extreme dislike of canned peaches.  Though it is probably a breach of good writing etiquette to quote oneself, I’m going to do it anyway.  1,156 more words


Mediterranean Teff Breakfast Porridge

Your mind may be a little scrambled right this moment.

Teff is a tiny Ethiopian grain that is used to make a large sourdough flatbread called injera. 507 more words



I’ve eaten a lot of breakfast cereals in my life. Sugary sweet corn pops, crunchy bran flakes, fruit-infused smacks and nuggets. There was a time when a day wouldn’t go by that I didn’t cram some graham into my gob.  688 more words


At The Hampton Inn Breakfast Bar, Utica, N.Y.

This morning Kish and I got the most important meal of the day at the Hampton Inn breakfast bar in Utica, N.Y. For something that’s self-serve, buffet-style, and no extra charge — which means you’ve already paid for it — it wasn’t bad. 93 more words


Statin Drugs Have Benefits Beyond Cholesterol Lowering

For most of the last 25 years I have told patients when I recommend  a statin drug to them that they should take it in order to lower their bad cholesterol (and raise the good cholesterol) thereby lowering their risk of future heart attacks. 845 more words

Heart Disease

No More Captain Crunch

I didn’t set out to make this little guy kind of down-in-the-dumps, but he turned out that way, so I gave him a pirate hat as recompense.