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Eyes On You - Cereal Psychology

Any beginner’s course on public communication stresses the importance of eye contact for building a connection between the speaker and the audience. The same holds true for advice of the… 447 more words

Science In Society

Tournament Of Cereals - Dorkown Podcast #162

In all these years of podcasting there is one important question we have never answered: What is the official breakfast cereal of Dorktown? We figure this out among other dork things. 73 more words

Dorktown Podcast

Lots of Podcast goodness for you to consume

Several episodes of my podcasts have been posted lately.

Episode 125 of the Nerd Lunch Podcast was posted last week to much acclaim. It features the final week in our Atomic Weeks celebration in which we are celebrating the Atomic Geeks’ 250th episode by having each member of the show as guests.   240 more words

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Homemade Crunchy Granola

In her efforts to help us reduce our plastic footprints, activist and author Beth Terry poses several questions that encourage us to reflect on the plastic trash that we “throw away”. 491 more words


On breakfast cereal, its many forms and uses

On my personal list of Fascinating Topics, you will find: breakfast cereal. Probably it’s there before I grew up in a health-conscious home where we ate puffed wheat and soy milk for breakfast. 554 more words

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Hate clipping coupons? Save Money on Your Food Bill – No Scissors Needed

For all of the people, who hate coupons, I do have a few ideas for you! You can save money on your groceries without clipping a single coupon! 499 more words

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Part Of This Nutritious Query

Is Fruit Brute vulnerable to silver? Can Count Chocula be killed by a stake through his heart? Does Frankenberry run in fear from fire? And what’s up with Boo Berry? 13 more words