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There’s a wide variety of frozen breakfast sandwiches on the market, but are any of them any good? No, not particularly, our flavorful colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports determined. 50 more words


Make Ahead Breakfast Sandys

As many of you know, I am not a morning person. I am however, an avid breakfast eater. I feel as if my day is incomplete if I have not started it off with some sort of egg concoction. 286 more words


Almost Homemade Sausage Cheese Biscuits

My boyfriend likes to eat these sausge rolls from a local bakery and/or sausage cheese biscuits from McDonald’s. Only problem is they cost a lot of money in the long run so I thought of a way to make portable breakfast pockets at home! 319 more words


Breakfast Sandwich Rampant

Mark stands at the counter, carefully prying English muffins apart, loading up the toaster. He peels plastic sleeves from slices of processed cheese, splitting each square into triangles, and stacks them, at peel-able angles, on a plate. 1,452 more words

Family Journeys

An Atlantan In Baltimore: Baltimore Farmer's Market Part I

I moved to Baltimore, MD, USA towards the end of August to begin (and complete) my MPH (Masters in Public Health) degree.  For many of you who know what I do to begin with, it is a step away from dentistry.   862 more words

The Gastronome

Dijon Tarragon Egg Chick-Muffin

A little zing.  A little sweetness.

A lot of goodness.

A fabulous breakfast sammie.

Dijon Tarragon Egg Chick-Muffin

1 grilled chicken breast, seasoned with salt and pepper, filleted  78 more words


DDM Favorites: Grindhouse Cafe- Griffith, Indiana

Last Sunday morning, on our way to the annual Griffith Art Fair, my wife and I stopped for breakfast at the Grindhouse Café, in Griffith, Indiana. 461 more words

Out To Dinner