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Antoine Pettis allegedly rapes 101-year-old woman, smiles in court

Antoine Pettis smiled for the cameras.

Walking into a Milwaukee court last week, Pettis couldn’t hold back a grin despite being accused of raping a 101-year-old woman. 91 more words


Golden Key


Hypothetically I own some sort of magical skeleton key with a single-use policy. 

This is going to sound really pathetic, but literally my first thought was that I’d break into CEX at night and organise it because they don’t alphebetise their stock properly and it drives me insane.* 237 more words

Prompted Ramblings

The Night Job

This one appeared from thin air while thinking about an awesome line I thought up. Weirdly, the line never ended up in the story at all, and it went in a completely different direction to what I expected. 904 more words
Creative Writing

VIDEO: DayNAge & Genesis Renji - "Changed" Live at Marquette University

Hip hop is funny in the sense that it can truly exist anywhere. In that sense, it can also carry over into poetry and spoken word at times. 48 more words


Milwaukee Artist of the Week - 11/14/14 - Klutch

This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Klutch, an up-and-coming artist that blends hip hop, pop, and a touch of rock, while promoting positivity in his music. 314 more words



I was robbed.  No, I was not overcharged on a purchase, nor was I the recipient of a bogus football ticket.  I was literally robbed.  Someone broke into my home by smashing out a window in my kitchen door, then traipsed through these 230,000 tiny pieces of glass, depositing them in every freaking room in my home, opening every door and drawer and throwing stuff around, emptying drawers of their contents into their little burglar bag(s), and then leaving the door open for me to find and begin my descent into a formidable first-of-the-season holiday meltdown. 650 more words


Milwaukee Artist of the Week - 11/7/2014 - Cardiac Da Pulse

This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Cardiac Da Pulse, an up and coming emcee with a passion to keep building on his craft. His latest release, “The Shaded Grey EP”, is his chance to introduce himself to the world as an artist. 301 more words