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Cupid. Chapter 6.

Like a hero out of a movie, the boy caries the girl away. She’s awake now and very happy over her rescue. Though, from my experience she does look like a brainwashed cult member as she looks back to the school that is now on fire. 420 more words

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Cupid. Chapter Five.

Now in my line of business I try not to listen in on the peculiars of my client’s conversations. One reason is that if I get pick up by the cops, I know I will get to jail a lot quicker if I don’t have a lawyer and clients usually split the bill when it comes to that thing, another reason is that I don’t much care. 438 more words

Short Story

When is Enough Enough?

Yeah, I’ve heard the saying that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. And, most of the time, I kinda feel that way.  However, I’m almost at “uncle” stage…reference to the old way to stop a fake fight (“Say UNCLE!”) 634 more words

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Home Invasion Even When Defendant Didn't Break Into A Home? Yep, Find Out How

Can you be convicted of first-degree home invasion even if you enter a building that isn’t even a home?  The answer is yes, according to the Michigan Court of Appeals.   452 more words

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Arrested after beating police in doughnut-eating contest -- but, no, that's not why!

A North Carolina man who beat police officers in a doughnut-eating contest got his just desserts the next day after they realized that he was a wanted man.

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Cupid Chapter. Four.

I have a question for you. Don’t worry it’s a yes or no answer thing but it tells you a bit about the person answering. 475 more words

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