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Cover for DvD and for Disc

We were assigned to make a cover and a disc cover for a little video we made as a class. We were told to name is breaking bread. 95 more words


Woman jailed after police mistake spaghetti hoops for crystal meth

A woman who was arrested on drug charges has been released after police realised the spoon she was carrying was for spaghettiOs rather than crystal meth. 259 more words


Was Episode 2 of GOTHAM an epic fail or glorious win?

The pilot episode of GOTHAM tried to pack three hours of characters, action and material into one hour, which is more like 42 minutes with all the commercial breaks. 476 more words

3 Tinseltown Tuesday

How "Breaking Bad" Ruined TV For Me

For the past two months on AMC they have been airing episodes of Breaking Bad every Sunday. Like a fool I got sucked into binge-watching it and now currently have 49 episodes marinating on my DVR. 695 more words

TV's Vikings And Language

On the one hand, viewers expect a certain amount of verisimilitude in historical or period specific dramas, but one handwave is universal: Language. Philip Seymour Hoffmann may play a German spy in the 21st century, or Travis Fimmel may play a Viking raider in the 7th, but they both speak exactly the same language: Modern English, because without that we could not understand them except by means of subtitles. 246 more words

The Most Common Networking Mistake Everyone Makes

When people ask me for advice about how to get started as a professional writer, my answer is simple: Learn how to network. It’s a bit counterintuitive, since so much writing advice is based on becoming a better writer. 980 more words

Breaking Bad actor films three crashes in 17 minutes outside his home


Think of it like a domino effect – except replace the toys with cars.

That’s exactly the kind of scenario that greeted Breaking Bad actor Steven Michael Quezada outside his New Mexico home on Friday. 138 more words