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Narcissists Watching Narcissists

Everyone loves Breaking Bad, and for a multitude of good reasons. The thing I love most about the series is that it made us care for and empathize with Walter White, who became one of the most narcissistic characters put on a screen of any size. 795 more words

Thought I was a cougar, turns out I’m a puma

Today is my partners birthday, he’s a few years younger than me which I completely forget a lot of the time. So he’s celebrating making it to a quarter century today, so I decided to do the whole Breaking Bad style of cooking him breakfast… I’m trying to make it a super special couple of days as his family are all up North, he doesn’t really see his friends much so it’s really just me and him. 87 more words

"The Searchers": An American Masterpiece

A door opens. A silhouette appears on the screen. A woman comes out of the darkness and into the blistering Texas heat. Out of the sand-choked desert comes a man mounted on a horse. 2,341 more words

Classic Film

In Memoriam: Character Death's I'm Still Not Over

(A pretty big and obvious SPOILER WARNING applies)

Over the years television has become bolder, brasher.  Bold moves such as huge plot changing twists often include deaths of beloved characters. 2,587 more words


What would Walter Do?

 This weekend, I gorged myself on Breaking Bad, the final season. I can’t help but want to kick some ass and take some names after eight hours of that show. 265 more words


Jenny Q: Walter's World - 'Breaking Bad' Art Spans The Globe

Breaking Bad is up for 16 Emmy Awards next month… maybe ‘Best Murals’ should be added.

If you’re still watching the show on Netflix, I promise there are no spoilers. 20 more words