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I Drew Everything

Last week, I said I would draw anything anyone asked. People asked, and I did.

Thank you very much for all the kind, thoughtful comments. 52 more words

General Debauchery

Breaking Bad in Panera

Yesterday at Panera, I was simply staring at the teas looking for a decaf one. I was in a trance because I’ve known for awhile that they only have one – Ginger Peach (I’m not a Panera fanatic, but since HS they’ve only had that one, who knows), but anyway I couldn’t stop staring. 572 more words

Fuck Cancer

Freaking Fad?

I might love Breaking Bad a little too much… but is that even possible? Can there ever be “too much” love?

Well anyway, I’m currently on my second viewing of season 2 and am literally just enjoying the leisure. 165 more words

#TBT: Breaking Bad

Throwback Thursday: the shows that are long gone but I still can’t shut up about

Every few years, a TV show turns up out of nowhere that completely blows the pants off all other shows.

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Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 2 & 3 (Live Blog)

About a month ago, I began watching the highly praised “Breaking Bad” series on Netflix.  I wish I had believed the hype while this show was still airing because I truly see what I was missing out on. 364 more words

You know you're a parent when...

…you find a pair of Monster High Dolls in the en suite shower room and you’re not surprised! Or there’s a bit of sticky stuff on the kitchen floor that the mysterious ‘no-one’ did after getting himself or herself a piece and jam. 538 more words

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