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That One Time When I "Met" Bob Odenkirk

A crummy week becomes tolerable in the end after helping Bob Odenkirk at Walgreens. You could even say it was all good, man (sorry, had to do it). 672 more words

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I'm Starting this Blog ... For My Family

Breaking Bad is unequivocally my favorite television show of All Time. I know. Hyperboles are the WORST. But if you challenge me on this claim, I will fight you, and even if I don’t win, I’ll leave you with the kind of scrapes and bruises that make the cops in movies ask, suspicious, “What happened to your face?” and you’ll be like, “I cut myself shaving,” and they’ll push your front door open a little wider and go, “We’re just gonna have a look around.” And then they find your stash. 404 more words


Breaking Bad & Long Weekends

Breaking Bad – My Initial Thoughts

I’ve finally done it. I’ve watched all of Breaking Bad and it only took me 3 weeks from the start of Season 1 to get to the final episode in Season 5. 628 more words


Skyler White

Every TV show has their haters. Every TV show has characters viewers love to hate. Skyler White of Breaking Bad is no exception. If there ever was a character a fan base poured their vitriol on, Skyler White is it. 471 more words

Women Who Wow Wednesday

My Top 15 TV Protagonists Part III

There are a lot of great TV protagonists, if you spent the time you could come up with a big list, I however have narrowed it down to 15! 2,645 more words

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A Peek Into Normalcy...

I keep staring at the world ‘Normalcy’ and think that my brain may be starting to make up words but nope; it’s a real word. Thank god. 250 more words