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Why Twilight Really Isn't That Bad

Before you write me off completely because of the title of my post, let me just remind you of a) how funny I am, b) how I often make good points, and c) I like carbs and you like carbs which means we’re bffs by proxy. 972 more words

#TwiThon2k14: Eclipse

I remember the release date for Eclipse clearly because it was on my birthday. We went to Chapters as soon as it opened that morning (no midnight release – … 620 more words

Book Review

We could be taken at anytime. Any day, any minute. All we have is now.

So i’m having a bit of a “now i have time to watch films i meant to watch about 1000 years ago” time. Which is good! 597 more words


Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer - $10

There are 4 books in this bundle: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. If you’ve watched the movies, which admittedly aren’t that great, but you haven’t read the books, then this purchase is for you! 166 more words

Teen/YA Fiction

My Love/Hate Relationship with The Twilight Saga

I love Twilight for the same reason I hate it: Breaking Dawn.
I love Breaking Dawn because Bella and Edward stay together.

But the problem with that is it’s too perfect. 93 more words