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Ripped From Todays Headlines (or So We're Doing This Again?)

““Many continue to ask just how to love on Ross and Leanna right now,” a minister can be heard saying in a sermon posted online. “I would say micro level, very close, it’s all of the same stuff. 604 more words


The idea of 'Natural Rights' is enslaving you

The idea that you have a set of Natural Rights (to Life, Liberty, Property etc) is an immensely destructive belief that is naive and wrong.  In case you do not know what this refers to, our entire culture, and especially Libertarianism has seized upon this idea that humans are somehow endowed with these ‘rights’ of which it is wrong to deny/take etc. 1,028 more words


The blatant hollywood ripoffs of Japan continue first was Hunger Games, now Lucy

In case you did not know, Hunger Games is a blatant, unattributed, ripoff of an older Japanese book called ‘Battle Royale’, and this trend is continuing with a new movie called ‘Lucy’ which appears nothing more than another ripoff of ‘Elfen Lied’, even going so far as the name the movie after the main character in Elfen Lied. 484 more words

Breaking It Down

Feminist = 'Empowered' = 'Independent'

What is notably is that there are few women who openly describe themselves as feminists, despite that disease infecting likely 80% of the women, and at least 30% of the males. 966 more words