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Check your reasons for being a MGTOW

MGTOW is a growing, disorganized resistance against the feminist model that is taking over our world.  What I want to talk about today, is making sure your reasons are actually checked and legitimate. 655 more words


Movements will be stopped, and the people will be 'moderated'

There will be no stopping the final years of the globalization/capitalism juggernaut that is currently in motion rendering a majority of the world’s population while a small tribal elite continue to become richer. 909 more words


All About fire-fighting and fire fighters - what firefighters do

For a change of pace, today I am going to be talking about fire fighting, as many people actually know very very little about it.  I’ve had a few comments on it in the past, and a recent request, so here we go. 814 more words

Breaking It Down

Class Warfare:The divide and conquer strategy

Playing off my last post about Ferguson, there was something I implied but didn’t directly state. That is the fact that the powers the be are running a divide and conquer strategy on us, and plays right into everything unless you take a longer view. 543 more words