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joy ride

How do you live your life?  Do you allow your goals to determine your efforts or your efforts to lead you to a goal?

I’ve always been a planner.  320 more words

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some things never change

Some things never change.  Is that really true?  Sometimes I feel that it is about me.

For a long time now I’ve been keenly aware of a struggle I have to let things go.  296 more words

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is time on our side?

Time is on our side.  Or is it?

Today we signed on for another year in our condominium.  That means it’s been one year since we first started leasing it.  349 more words

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just deal with it

“That’s life.  Just deal with it.”

Don’t you want to just smack someone in the face when they say that?  You’re sharing a deep and troubling issue and they throw that line out at you and it feels like someone is stabbing you in the gut.  322 more words

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Breaking Unhealthy Karmic Patterns & Awareness

A lot of people don’t realize this but you can actually talk to your body and heal yourself. The lighter your body becomes internally, the easier it becomes to spot your blocks and you can remove them and the cords, patterns that keep you stuck if you set a strong intention in meditation and use the power of your breathe to remove the block. 731 more words

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settling for destiny

Do we all have a destiny?  And if so, is that destiny in our own hands?

We can spend our lives asking the question, “What if?”  But if we believe in destiny, then that question becomes obsolete, right?  361 more words

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Traveling back in time

Time travel.  I did that today.  In more ways than one.

Today I journeyed back to where I grew up and spent more than half of my life.  325 more words

Questioning Society