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So this morning we had Carly Aquilino from MTV’s “Girl Code” in the studio talking about cheating exes…which was absolutely priceless.

So, in honor  of that convo, I had to share this blog that answers a LOT of questions about why cheaters will… 800 more words

Wrong Number Flirting

5 Reasons You Can Live Without Him

1. You don’t need anybody to complete you.

A relationship should better both of you, you have to each be complete on your own before you will ever be happy together. 231 more words

If I'm Lost, What is She?

My mom’s going to Florida. Tomorrow. She doesn’t know how long she’s going to be gone; she might stay the whole winter.

She’s going through a lot right now, and this is probably exactly what she needs. 299 more words

Personal Stories

(un)lawfully wedded couple

To my Bedeviled Beloved,

     I wish not to start this letter with a desperate plea. To be frank, lies are of no purpose at the present time. 695 more words


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I recently had to end a tumultuous friendship, and even though this person was toxic in my life, it still wasn’t easy. The same can be said when a company/client relationship has reached its limits. 288 more words


Get Over Avoiding Talking About Your Ex

When we first begin the courting process, we always tend to cover small tidbits of our previous relationships. During this conversation we are so focused on the reasons why the relationship failed and what our last partner did wrong, always skipping over what he/she did right; a huge piece of information that we all could potentially learn from. 632 more words

Roger and Sally: The Last Supper

He wanted a Bob, Ted, Carol, and Alice kind of  dating arrangement.
She preferred a One-on-One.
Who Won?
The Finale: The Last Supper

Our guy, Roger- after a plethora of dead end dates -finally met a good match. 292 more words

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