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Letter Eight, 12-19-2014

Letter Eight
December 19, 2014

O’ Muse, O’ Muse, O’ Muse.

We need to talk.

We’ve had a good run, you and I. We’ve fought together, we’ve played together. 106 more words


Morbid Thought

I know it’s a morbid thought
But I couldn’t help but wonder
If I died tomorrow
Would you come to my funeral?
Or are you going through the motions? 11 more words


wine and netflix...

It’s Friday night. All  your friends are begging you to go out. After about an hour of procrastination you decide to go shower. You  meticulously shave your legs, bikini line, and armpits. 242 more words

Breaking Up

Is it easier to pack your bags??

It’s one in the afternoon. I woke up without you. Another night of drinking the day away. Can you see my eyes. Bloodshot.. Blurry vision. I think of you… I wonder if it’s the same when you make love.. 235 more words

BFF Break-ups

Day 12: December 17, 2014

From age 9 to about 13 I had a best friend. We will call her Sally. Sally (or Sal for short) and I were inseparable. 1,053 more words

down grading...

As a result of your…what are we calling it these days? your new found independence? Yea. As a result of your new found independence your life is suddenly all about down grading. 749 more words

Breaking Up

This Christmas

It’s crazy how much can change in the space of one year.

This time last year, I was involved with Michael, looking forward to him flying up on the 26th and ringing in the new year together. 565 more words