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I'm holding on to Your promises

Dave: That smile on your face…let me guess…you took a break today?

Me: A break…from what?

Dave: From carrying a burden much too heavy for your delicate shoulders. 1,144 more words

Love Should Be So Much More...

Kauai - The Honeymoon That Never Was

“You know you just said, ‘Boyfriend,’ right?” my friend C smiled at me over his yogurt parfait with oversized blueberries that must have been genetically modified. 795 more words


Last Words

When I met you I didn’t know what I wanted.  I was running from something, unaware of the abyss I had stepped into.  When I met you.  171 more words


Oops I forgot to mention the $300 airfare I bought... that you promised you'd never waste. And I don't have the strength to look for a pic quote, imagine something dead and or dying.

I’m dead.

You don’t care.

I want to hate you.

I hate me.

I hate ever believing or trusting you.

I hate that not only did I give you my heart I gave you my soul. 513 more words

Ramblings & Raves

Silly me

Thinking about it again

My weak heart turns to love

I miss you a little

But I miss us a lot

Tell me I’m independent… 116 more words

The Pain Of Remembrance Is Love's Echo

There are certain images of people that despite everything we do never fade away. The actual person might exit our lives but like ringing bells they linger in the air. 345 more words

Eco De Amor

Siempre hay imágenes de personas que, hagamos lo que hagamos, jamas desaparecerán. El original puede salir de nuestras vidas pero como los tañidos de unas campanas siguen repitiendo en el vacío. 383 more words