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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Lately, I’ve been noticing a bit more keenly how bad I am at letting go of people I shouldn’t keep in my life. I don’t like accepting that a relationship may never be what it used to be, whether it’s a friend, family member, or significant other. 554 more words



My last two posts have been on a theory that I have been putting together. The theory is about breaking up with people. Simply put, I believe that if one party splits up with the other, the first party (or “dumper”) will always be looked at as a jerk for ending things. 139 more words

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5 Worst Types Of Exes You Hope You Don't Ever Come Across In Your Dating Life

Exes. Everyone has them. Everyone hates them. Let’s get this straight. Exes can be anyone from your off and on high school boyfriend to that gorgeous guy you talked to for a while and accidentally puked in his yard one time and things were kind of weird after. 944 more words

Closing The Chapter

In under 4 weeks I will be in Master’s new area and we plan to get together and play. I suggested making that time “officially” our last time together. 136 more words


Thanks To Instagram, There's A New Worst Way To Get Dumped

Social media has rapidly changed everything about the way young people conduct themselves in relationships, including the way they breakup with their (in)significant others. That has never been clearer than when Instagram user… 65 more words

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Dirty Spectacles

There are all kinds of expressions that exemplify what it’s like to come out of a depressive or down period, words that make use of terms like ‘fog lifting’ or ‘coming out of the muck’ or ‘getting unstuck’ or ‘recharging the battery.’ I usually know pretty clearly when I’m in the middle of a ‘muck’ or ‘fog’ depression. 1,378 more words

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Here's to Us

                Here’s to all the times we laughed together, to the days we spent in each other’s arms trading kisses and laying in the sun. Here’s to the nights we undressed in empty cornfields with our thoughts whispering around the starlight; our pale bodies enchanting the moonlight. 455 more words