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Letting Go

This is a nice video a made to help those with letting go of loved ones and moving on with their lives.

A Message To My New Boyfriend's Ex, Who Can't Seem To Get Over Him

Hi, I’m the new girl and I have a few things to say to you. Yes, I know you’ve seen the pictures of us on Facebook and your friends have gossiped about how cute we are. 417 more words

What I'd Like To Think You're Like Now That I'm Gone

I’d like to think that, every time you are sitting in some dingy noodle restaurant in Chinatown, you think of me. And when that delicious pool of MSG is placed in front of you and you inhale that salty fragrance, you think of how I would probably want a bowl of wonton noodle soup as well. 618 more words


I wrote this in New York City on Thursday morning before, well, before everything went wrong. The irony isn’t lost on me.

In October, I decided, hesitantly, to go to a show in Brooklyn by myself. 898 more words


30 Songs of My Life (No. 2 -Jealous by Nina)

Writing a blog about my experiences reminds me of good and bad old days. Pardon me, but I’m on a senti mood today.

I’m reminded of the day when ex-boyfriend no. 381 more words


The Dog Card

I remember when we got Charlie.  He was playing in a enclosed area (my ex referred to as the “puppy corral”) at the SPCA one Sunday afternoon when we just went to “look”. 711 more words