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Lewis & Women - Get the COMPLETE SERIES!

If you’ve been enjoying the Lewis & Women podcast miniseries and can’t wait for the last two shows then you will want to know this: 253 more words


Vistual Studio: First steps


  1. Compile and run cocos2d-x tests on the emulator
  2. Set a breakpoint in Visual Studio.

Running cpp-test on the Emulator

1. Download cocos2d-x v3.0

2. 239 more words

AAJ Podcast: Lewis & Women #2 - "Factual" Women

From my All About Jack: A C.S. Lewis Podcast page - This is the second of four shows that explores how C.S. Lewis viewed women. Some think he either hated females, or at least feared them. 233 more words


AAJ Podcast: Lewis & Women #1 - Miniseries Overview

From my All About Jack: A C.S. Lewis Podcast page - This is the first of a four part miniseries exploring how C.S. Lewis viewed women. 201 more words


Jeff Stibel on Quality vs Quantity Business Relationships

Michael Simmons’ Forbes article titled “The Most Important Decision You Need to Make When Building a Network ” tackles the questions we are all wondering when it comes to establishing relationships. 186 more words

Summary Post

From Auschwitz to Churchwitz | BreakPoint

[SOURCE] | By: Rolley Haggard|Published: February 21, 2014

For Millions, Our Steeples Are Smokestacks

Returning home from a recent business trip, I flew over the city purported to have more churches per square mile than any other in America. 985 more words